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Windows 8 Leak


An early copy of Windows 8 leaked to the Internet this week and enthusiasts have been digging their way through the various new bits in Microsoft’s next-generation operating system.

Windows 8 build 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 contains a number of references to the following features:

  • Windows Push Notification Platform
  • Built-in screenshot snapping tool
  • Webcam Capture Application
  • Toasts and tiles
  • Create bootable USB Flash Devices

Users at the mydigitallife forums have been digging around the build and discovered that TWINUI.DLL.MUI contains references to a built-in screenshot snapping and sending feature. The new feature appears to allow users to simply snap desktop screenshots and easily send them to colleagues and friends. “This is a screenshot of what I’m doing right now,” is one of the references in part of the feature. The second feature discovered is the reference to a new “Webcam Capture Application.” The new application appears to use Microsoft’s Metro UI.

References to Windows Push Notifications have also been discovered in various DLLs:

  • wpnapps.dll “Windows Push Notification Apps”
  • wpncore.dll “Windows Push Notification Core”
  • wpnprv.dll “Windows Push Notification Platform Connection Provider”

It’s not yet clear how these notifications will work and whether they are restricted to Microsoft’s Tablet “immersive” user interface. There are also a number of references to toasts and tiles, indicating that Microsoft may be implementing a combination of pop-up toasts and tile based notifications in its push system.

Microsoft has also included CreateBootableUFD.exe which allows users to create bootable USB flash devices. The feature is separate to a recently discovered portable USB version of Windows, see more information here.

Windows 8 appears to include a number of new key features that may or may not make it to final copies. The software giant promised a range of features in Longhorn (Vista) but failed to deliver, it appears the company could be set to deliver a feature set worthy of Longhorn. Microsoft is expected to release an early beta copy of Windows 8 at its Windows Developer Conference in September later this year.

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