Posted April 29, 2011 by Josh Clockwork in Gaming

Are we Gamers getting Overpriced?

How come everytime I try to cancel a subscription to something(Gamefly, Xbox LIVE) they offer me a price that seems closer to what it should be?

I’m kinda broke. If you all didn’t already know that. So I decided that I needed to cancel my Gamefly and Xbox LIVE subscriptions to save up some money. For me Gamefly is $22.95 per Month because I have 2 games out, and I was trying out Xbox LIVE out for a month to see if I liked it, so that was $9.99. In the event of me TRYING to cancel both subscriptions I was presented with some great deals in order to keep me as a customer.

First was my Gamefly Account about 2 days ago. I go to the site and hit up my account settings. After looking around for about 10 minutes I FINALLY find the ever so tiny “Cancel Your Subscription” button near the bottom of the page. After clicking the link I’m brought to a page that says something like; “Don’t quit your subscription now! Pay next month for only $11.95”. For those of you who don’t know, thats 45% off of the regular price. And dammit, they got me. So now I’m shamefully playing Crysis 2 in my room.

Second was my Xbox LIVE account. Since I’m borrowing Call of Duty: Black Ops from a friend of mine and had Marvel vs Capcom 3 for a while I decided to try out LIVE for a month for 10 bucks. The overall experience was pretty good, but I found my self only using LIVE about 6-7 times because I don’t have wireless in my Xbox. And with the payment deadline coming up I called the Xbox LIVE line today to cancel that subscription, only to be thwarted by a female employee. The girl kept pushing the issue but I wouldn’t budge. Until she said “Well you’ve been with us since 2010 so we can offer you 3 months for the price of $8.50, AND you wont be charged until May 17th” She did her job well……….after telling her that, I accepted the agreement. And have ordered Halo: Reach from Gamefly today…..dammit.

Now a lot of you are saying “Chronos! Why are you complaining! Those are great deals!” that they are my friends. But in my opinion those should be the regular prices of these subscriptions. Everything is so over priced these days, when something goes on sale or when your offered with a deal, you believe that you are getting the better end. But thats not the case. The company will ALWAYS get the better end, but this time it will be a “slightly less” better end than usual. If you get what I mean. So I don’t know why I wrote this, I just want to see you all’s opinion on this matter. Leave a comment, Im gonna play Crysis 2………

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