Posted April 6, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Tech News

Firefox 5 Release Date and New Features

The development of the next version of the browser Mozilla, Firefox 5, is occurring at a frenetic pace.


We can expect from this new browser that will theoretically on 29 June and now know more details.

The pages of Firefox and in particular the section of the user interface displays up to nine distinct characteristics which are scheduled to make its entry into Firefox 5, although some may be delayed until 6 or Firefox Firefox 7, will this version also year.

These options are as follows:

1. Multiselect tabs: property also has reached the development versions of Chrome / Chromium lately that allows you to select more than one tab to move or close simultaneously … or turn them into application tabs, fixed on the interface.
2. There will be a new page in the new tabbed interface.
3. The ins and extensions provide support for a standard toolbar.
4. There will be an indicator of up / loading files.
5. The Start button / Home disappear completely, and instead added a tab Mozilla fixed home.
6. Preview files: Firefox will be able to preview PDFs (like Chrome), and also extend this capability to some of the most popular formats like MP3.
7. Web applications on the taskbar, the tabs may have their own context menus that can be configured by web site owners.
8. Identity management: Firefox 5 will allow us to stay logged in, web sites through an integrated identity manager, and even will support multiple logins.
9. Share: the ability to share all types of content via addons, 5 is one of the biggest bets of the browser: the URL address bar will appear a new icon of a paper airplane that will allow us to send that content to services like Facebook or Twitter easily.

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