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Movie Trailer Overload!

Movie trailers can easily be considered a form of art.


The ability to weave a tight, cohesive narrative in a short amount of time takes a large amount of perseverance and skill. Music is just as integral to setting the mood as the images are. To some (even me at times), they’re one of the best parts of taking a trip to your local theater. That being said, it’s a good day when several trailers for super-hyped films make their way to the internet.

This week, we see brand new trailers for X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. And just for fun (and also because I wish it was real), I added a very well done faux trailer that was also released this week called The Batman Complex.

*An HD version is available over at Apple’s website*

The last film in the Harry Potter franchise appears like it will be the most action-packed one and will rope in detractors from Part 1. For those who haven’t read the books, there seems to be some quickly cut, borderline spoilers but nothing too terrible. A second trailer may lend us a bit more exposition, but honestly, I’m okay with what’s here. Director David Yates has said he’s going all out with this one (given that the wizarding world is, you know, at war) and I totally believe it. There’s some great action shots and the music has a feeling of “finale” to it.

*Thanks to Yahoo for the trailer*

X-Men: First Class is similar to Green Lantern in that despite having a rocky start with their marketing campaigns, they are now both experiencing overwhelming positivity as of late. First Class’s teaser was impressive, primarily showcasing McAvoy and Fassbender as the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto, respectively. This theatrical trailer does a lot of things right. The earlier time period is clear (thankfully, given that this is a prequel to the previous X-Men films), action isn’t plentiful but it’s handled well (not a surprise coming from Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn), the effects look clean, and I dig how it doesn’t seem completely brainless (the line where Erik tells Charles that they’re the better men, leads me to believe that we may get some interesting social commentary, just like in the comics). Also worth noting is that two of my favorite elements from the teaser returns here, each in longer form: the excellent music and the scene of Erik lifting the sub out of the water.

*An HD version is available over at Apple’s website*

The Transformers films are a mixed bag for me. The first one wasn’t too bad; it was harmless popcorn entertainment at best. But the second had me walking out of the theater, angry as hell, for not only wasting my money but my time (the running time was a ludicrous 150 minutes…). I’m willing to give Michael Bay the benefit of the doubt, however, because I do believe he’s a competent director when it comes to action. And this new Transformers 3 trailer delivers it in spades; there’s plenty of city destruction and carnage to go around. Wide shots are gorgeous here, particularly the single-shot where Bumblebee climbs up a wall to rescue two people. The sequence where a Transformer knocks over a building with Sam and his girlfriend still inside looks like it may be worth the price of admission alone. The Transformers 2 trailers were decent too and we all know how those turned out. Mr. Bay…please don’t let us down.


I thought “The Batman Complex” was an incredibly intriguing fan-made trailer so I decided to post it up. A YouTube user named themanbatman put together clips from several films such as Inception, The Machinist, and Nolan’s Batman films to create a very believable premise for an original film. The result is incredible and something I would greatly look forward to seeing, if only it were real.


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