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10 Worst Mothers In Video Game History


While we in the RL thank our Moms, lets go back and list the worst Moms in Gaming History.














10) Gina- Chrono Trigger

Why is she a bad mom: First of all, why wasn’t she at the trial when Crono was falsely accused of being a kidnapper? She should have at least made an outburst that he was innocent. I was expecting a “NOOOO THATS MY BABY, MY BABY WOULDN’T DO THAT”, but alas she wasn’t even there. And also in one of the games multiple endings she jumps into one of the wormholes, which in turn starts the whole game all over…. Thanks Mom







9) Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum- BioShock and BioShock 2

Why is she horrible: Mother of all the Little Sisters and the Big Sister: Even though she didn’t give birth to them, her research created them. She eventually stepped in to foster them and shower them with toys and secondhand cigarette smoke to make up for the brainwashing. And left giant men in scuba gear to watch over them… How caring











8 ) Sindel – Mortal Kombat

Why she is horrible: Sindel went and married the ultimate douchebag when she walked down the aisle with Shao Kahn. I really hate Shao Khan with a passion, I haven’t raged over a boss character in a game in a while and then MK9 came along. Oh sure, she played the tired old he “resurrected me as a zombie slave with no memory of her past” card, but who’s buying that?









7) Nina Williams- Tekken

Why she is a terrible mom: Mother of Steve Fox via in-vitro fertilization: Nina is a world class assassin who gives birth to a son while in cryogenic sleep. She goes around not even acknowledging that she has a son, and I’m pretty sure if there was hit on Steve that was high , she would have no problems taking him out.








6)Ms Hopkins- Bully

Why we hate her: So she ditches her kid at a boarding school for a whole year to run off on a honeymoon with a new husband and then she has the AUDACITY to send poor ol’ Jimmy a fugly sweater at Christmas. Sorry Jimmy





5)Ma Cipriani- GTA Liberty City Stories

Why I hate her: Would you love your mom if she put a hit out on you while you went into hiding? No I don’t think so. The constant nagging and insults should have been a hint of why Toni didn’t ever call you.








4) Jenova-Final Fantasy 7

Why she is hated: Jenova is… an alien? We’re not even sure she’s a she, but “she” spends a lot of time in a jar and looks creepy. And causes ol Sephy to go coco for coca-coca puffs. Thanks for giving him all of your bad traits. It one of those” Wow you totally act like your mother” type of things.









3) Matriarch Benezia- Mass Effect

Why she is a terrible parent: 1st off, please cover up your boobs, your embassing Liara. We know your hundreds of years old,you’re not hot, I think there was a True Life episode about Moms that embarrass their children by showing way too much cleavage. I think they missed you some how. 2nd, you think you are going to go rogue and Commander Shep isn’t going to go after you? Haha, he’s a spectre you know…








2) The Queen- Ico

Why she needs to be checked into a mental hospital: She basically had a daughter so she could sacrifice the kid and live a bit longer. I know some species eat their own young, but this is taking it way too far.


And the worst Mom of all time goes to……




1) All of the mothers in the Pokemon series

Why she needs to go to jail: I’ve got two words for these women: “Criminal Negligence.” Your 10 year old son/daughter wants to travel around the world with no adult supervision, so that he can be attacked by vicious monsters which he will then attempt to capture? And you said yes to this? This is no way to go about getting your child out of the house. It’s called “Summer Camp,” look it up. In a world full of grown men and criminals this is no way for a child to spend his summer vacation. Sending a 10 year old boy off into the wild with only a level 5 pokemon for protection, and where he has to fight off adults with bigger and stronger monsters who steal half his earnings if they win?

Oh and when they tell you that they are leaving all you give them is running shoes….. RUNNING SHOES!?!? Your gonna need more than running shoes to get away from pedophiles.


Happy Mothers Day to all of the Real Moms out there!


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