Posted May 18, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime

Anime Character of the Week: Deadman Wonderland: Ganta

Read on as we admire Ganta, the guy with the worse life ever, as “Anime Character of the Week”. We’ve seen badasses before, but not like this guy.

How long would you last in this kid’s shoes? Ganta is being admired this week for attitude in the worst situation possible. A kid who has watched his best friends and classmates brutally murdered before his eyes is admirable. They kept it real. If you see that, you’re not going to turn into some hero. Ganta feared for his mother effin life. To be blamed for this and hated by all who you love is even worse.

The main reason Ganta is the character of the week, is his determination to fight a guy who is basically a one man army himself. Ganta’s Deadmanblood ability is just at the beginning of it’s capabilities. Outmatched by about everybody else in the prison of Deadman Womderland. He doesn’t, yet, have none but one true friend he can trust. Everybody else is planning something or straight cruel.

Ganta is a new star destined for great heights and fame. Everybody loves the heroic type of people, but now…..it’s time to give the guy who acts like a real person and actually thinks like us a chance to be a favorite.


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