Posted May 18, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Tech News

End of the Line for Firefox 3.5


Mozilla plans to automatically update the 12 million users of Firefox 3.5 to a newer browser version next month. This is the first time Mozilla forces users to update an outdated version of Firefox. Firefox 3.5 was released in June 2009, and has now reached “End of Life”. Three weeks ago, Mozilla released the last security update for the browser that will soon be history.

Starting next month, all users of Firefox 3.5 will be presented with an option to update to Firefox 3.6 or the latest Firefox 4.0. However, the update will only occur if users choose to use Automatic Updates in Firefox preferences.

This is the first step to kill Firefox 3.5, according to a message Christian Legnitto, the Firefox release manager, posted to a developer mailing list.

“We are treating the automatic update checkbox enabled as a ‘Yes, I want Mozilla to keep me updated,’” Legnitto wrote. “Previously as a courtesy we had people opt-in between major versions due to the potential jarring nature of the update. We feel the difference between 3.5 and 3.6 is not severe and with 3.5 reaching end-of-life 3.6 is the security update for 3.5 users.”

Mozilla also plans to release Firefox 5 on June 21, if everything goes according to plan.


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