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Final Review: Casshern Sins

If more animes were as action packed and beautiful as “Casshern Sins”, the world of anime would be so much sweeter.

Story (Excellent): Capcom has done it again. Never have we loved an android like this since Megaman. Unlike Megaman, this story is more brutal. Casshern has slain Luna, the source of life. Robots, who used to have eternal life, are exposed to death. Casshern has received eternal life and it is said that his death will prevent your own.

The Killer Casshern

Imagine if you lost your memory, walking around as the most powerful android alive, and everybody is after your life and you do not know why. Killing is your natural instinct as all you wish to do is find answers; find out who you are. The only people who know Casshern’s truth, are his siblings. Just as powerful as he but alas, they are his enemiesEternal life equals eternal pain. Death has corrupted the minds of robots. Witness how Casshern deals with his epic dilemna.

The Devious Dio

Characters (Excellent): Every character brings their own importance to the story. Each stand for something different, whether it be strength, hope, rivalry, selfishness, etc. The main character, Casshern is amazing. With Casshern having lost his memory, you learn his past just as fast as he does.

The uncertainty and lack of trust held by Casshern’s companions gives you the hope for a little friendly fire between each other. The antagonist, Dio, is a great addition to the story. He is just as powerful as Casshern but more violent. Even the characters whose roles are short-lived are a treat. Powerful enemies lie everywhere.

Action (Excellent): The action in this anime is smooth. Most of the fights involve Casshern or his blue twin Dio. Both are fricken skilled. These two do not like weapons. They prefer the pleasure of tearing their enemies apart with their bare hands, drenched in their blood. Limb by limb, arms are flying, heads are falling, life is disappearing. The action starts fast and ends even faster. There are many powerful enemies out there with their own unique abilities, all fighting to live. The way the fights look, you can tell they are fighting for something they truly want. Casshern vs Dio…..it does not get more epic than that.

I don't think Dio likes being the second best.

Animation (Good): If the animation was a little bit more detailed, it would be perfect, but it is still pretty damn good. The detail they do put in the ripping of robots and blood spatter is sweet. The way the robots die from rust is sad but yet it still looks oh so good. Even though some people are drawn a little simple, they are still the hottest thing on that planet.

Music (Good): You can’t have epic fights without good music. You won’t remember what song was playing when the episode was done, but you will be saying “Holy s***” while you are watching it.

Verdict: One of the best animes, if not the best we have come across. This is one that you will always remember.


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