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First Impressions: Freezing

Here’s a not so new anime that deserves major respect, depending on why you like it. Children beware.

Would you believe she only eats burgers?

Genre: Action, Drama, Ecchi

Story (Fair): “Freezing” has an average story. There are girls (Very hot girls), called Pandora, with special powers to summon weapons and they all attend either the East or West school/training facility to learn how to master them. The only things that makes this story funny, is that this is what the world would be like if you put weapons in the middle of female drama. You can watch episodes in random order and still be happy.

Characters (Good): I don’t know whether it is the personalities or the busts that make the characters interesting. Either way, they are impressive. The females seem quite a bit tougher…..and taller…and probably stronger…WAIT A MIN. The dudes in this show are wimps, but some of them are still cool. Anyway, the females are always down for a fight. Anytime, anywhere. The main character, Satellizer el Bridget is a fricken beast and she loves burgers! Why can’t my girl be like that?!

Action (Excellent): The action in this anime is my favorite. It’s quick, flashy (more ways than one if you catch my drift), bloody, and sexy simultaneously! How do you do that?! each Pandora has a different weapon and there are so many. Animes that can create so many variety of weapons are impressive. Also, the severe limb chopping and destruction of clothes (wink wink!) is a major plus. Just wait until you see what else the fatal females can dish out.

Animation (Good): The animation………..is good to say the least. Basically, a lot of it goes to how much focus is placed into making the Pandora look good. It’s nothing to hate on because they succeed. Every guy will basically like this series. Another part of the credit goes to the fights. They look awesome and there are a lot of fight. They make up most of the show.

Music (Fair): Nothing major here. If you tune into this for some epic music, you are going to be a little disappointed.

Verdict: It’s a good anime. Lots of action and women. What else could you really ask for? It’s very well worth giving a shot before you judge it.

Not the best opening.


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