Posted May 17, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime

First Impressions: Deadman Wonderland

Anime doesn’t get as twisted as this anymore. See what we think of the first few episodes.

Story (Excellent): This anime’s story is relative, creepy, twisted, and amazing at the same time. The trials the main character, Ganta, goes through are how most people would if they were in his shoes. The amount of death and the ways people die is the cruelest and most insane to be viewed in the longest.

Characters (Excellent): The characters are just as twisted as the story. Seeing how “Deadman Wonderland” takes place in the cruelest prison ever, it is not surprising how greedy, selfish, and down right ugly the personalities are. Even Ganta and Shiro, the only two innocent souls you will ever see, are monsters themselves. You can have a favorite character, but you don’t want to be in anybody shoes in this anime.

Action (Good): Although the the story and characters are so interesting, the fights are not bad at all. The special blood power held by the Deadmen is cool though. I wouldn’t mind having that ability to fight with blood. If the action picks up and becomes more frequent, it will be perfect.

Animation (Excellent): Cannot complain about anything in the anime. Characters are in jail soooooo….can’t complain about the jumpsuits. Deadman Wonderland is a nice looking place for a prison. Blood and death never looked so amazing.

Music (Good): So far, the anime seems to have only one epic song alongside the cool theme song, One reason by Fade. Unfortunately, if they play the same song for every fight throughout the series, it will be overused and a cliche.

Verdict: One of the best anime to come by Mediabeast. Not knowing how this will end will keep us interested for the long run.


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