Posted May 19, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime

First Impressions: Hidan no Aria

Some animes are just there to be there. They are just something to watch when you are a little desperate. Welcome to the world of “Hidan no Aria”


Story (Fair): The story is an excuse for the plot. It’s a bunch of teenagers, who always carry guns and knives, and are being targeted by a serial killer. What’s the reason they give us? The kids are training to be special soldiers called butei. Half the things, such as special powers or importances of people go unexplained. On the plus side, it’s easy to follow.

Aria-You can tell by the picture that this girl doesn't shut up.

Characters (Fair): What seems cool at first, eventually turns stupid. The main guy, Kinji, seems a bit cool when he uses his guns, but as the episodes progress it is just, wth. He’s one of those guys with girls chasing him, but he’s scared of them. S***, put one of us in his shoes. EVERY SINGLE GIRL is fricken annoying. They all can fight but damn, they need to shut up and calm down. ESPECIALLY THE MAIN CHARACTER, Aria. Although, there is Rieki. Quiet and a sniper. The only cool female.

Action (Fair): Just bombs, guns, swords, and slow motion. It gives you a little anime rush and only for a short time. For a campus filled with students carrying guns and knives, there isn’t enough action.

Animation (Fair): Sadly, they keep it simple 100% of the time. You get a few slow motions but they are not worth jumping out your seats.

Music (Fair): You won’t notice any spectacular music unless you close your eyes and hear it in your sleep. The opening is catchy the first time you hear it and the ending is not that bad either.

Verdict: It was a good try. We’d probably watch the rest if we ran out of good anime, but I rather hear how it ended than watch it.

Enjoy it while you can. 


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