Posted May 17, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime

First Impressions:Blue Exorcist

We take our first look and give opinions on the new anime “Blue Exorcist”. This article is based on the first few episodes of this series.

Story¬†(Good): The plot of “Blue Exorcist” is detailed enough to keep your attention. Everything introduced and everything that is tied together makes sense. Contains nice surprises, plot twists, and drama.

Characters (Excellent) : The characters in this anime are very interesting. This anime has all your favorite personality types and the reactions characters have to each other are relative to life. Nice relationships, family, rivalries, and enemies.

Action (Good) : The fight scenes in this anime are unique. The battles are the first time I have seen an anime base exorcisms behind. Each character seems to fight differently from one another so there are many styles to like.

Animation (Good) : The animation of this series is good. No sense of laziness in any aspect. Characters, places, and fights all look nice.

Music (Good) : It’s no Hans Zimmer but it’s still pretty nice if you take the time to notice it. Epic music pops up every once in a while.

Verdict : Lookiing forward to the rest of the season. Will be constantly checking for new episodes.



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