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First Impressions: Control: The Money of Soul and Possibility

MediaBeast is highly impressed by this highly relatable anime. If you’re broke, in college, and working two jobs, monry is your best friend and worst enemy. See what we think as Kimimaro Yoga is introduced with a risky way to get all the money in the world with an interesting cost.


Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Story (Excellent):Money is always interesting. In this anime, money is the cause of everything. We loved to watch as Kimimaro Yoga, a hard working college student, is suddenly introducded into the world of “The Financial District”, a universe that invests into people lives, giving them all the money they could use to support themselves and their loved ones at the cost of their future as collateral. Entres, people allowed in this world must deal, which is fight for their money or go bankrupt and lose everything.

It's all about teamwork. The road alone is the quickest into being broke.

The most interesting part of the fights are the Entre’s Assets. They are digital fighting companions and they all hold some interesting powers. It’s like Pokemon but now, it actually makes sense. The last thing you want to do is lose a battle. That is lost money and risk of bankruptcy. It is interesting to see what they mean by taking your “future” as collateral.

This anime does a great job at showing how easily people are corrupted by the greed and consequences of money. The way that “The Financial District” is connected to suicides, job losses, and changes in the world is well thought out and a great twist.

Characters (Good): The drama of Kimimaro Yoga is quite cool. He knows money does not come free and at first, wants no part of The Financial District. The best kind of characters are the ones who are smart and would do what a real person would do. Every person who is connected to “The Financial District” do a great job of showing how easily money makes a person go crazy. You can see them as they think, “I’m all out. What do I do? I need money! My life is over.” The people who keep a close eye on Yoga seem to hold their own special characteristics as well.

Each Asset, the digital creatures, have their own personalties as well. The ones that matter that is. The anime has not been out long enough to see if they possess real feelings like the people. This anime has a high potential of awesomeness if they play their cards right.

Action (Good): The deals, battles for money, is interesting. It is not just the Assets fighting but the Entres as well. The teamwork required has it nice points

Okay, wtf? That s*** hurt.

when a team communicates. Even in fighting, everything cost money. You can’t attack without paying the cash. The damage system is nice. We really enjoyed how your life points is your money. Hey, this is not “Yugioh” either. If you get hit, that hit actually hurts. Your Assets don’t get hit and pop up. They feel the pain of whatever devastating ability is thrown at them.

Animation (Good): This is a nice looking anime. It doesn’t require the people to look spectacular in anyway because they are just regular people. They Assets look nice, especially since they are all different and unique. Unfortunately, with a choice of making every Asset different, the run the cost of having some Assets that look completely ridiculously.

Music (Good): Nice music. It’s really hard to find an anime with terrible music and luckily, this isn’t one of those animes. It has a opening that we could listen to a few times before skipping it.

Verdict: We did not expect much from this anime but it came back and slapped us in the face. Looking forward to finishing this and posting the “Final Impressions” review. Although the action is nice, it is not the basis of the anime and that is good. The are more things that will keep you entertained.


Souichirou Mikuni – Most powerful man in "The Financial District" and Yoga's primary investor.


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