Posted May 25, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Podcasts

GPR: Lies…Zombies….and Certain Gaming Industry Trends That Grind my Gears

In this episode of GPR once again our brethren from SIWT, Rodd joins us as we talk about our LA Noire first impressions, Dead Island Trailer impressions, what we think about in certain trends in the gaming indusrty, and much much more!

GPR Show Notes:


  • 0:00: Intro
  • 1:04: Whatcha Been Up Too
  • 2:53: Game Releases
  • 6:27: DLC of The Week
  • 11:30: LA Noire First Impressions
  • 36:26: Dead Island Gameplay Trailer Impressions
  • 54:28: Our Thoughts on certain trends on the Gaming Industry
    • 54:40:Gamestop
    • 1:12:13: Pre Order Competition
    • 1:20:24: Online Passes
    • 1:23:28:DLC
    • 1:24:24: Remastered Games
    • 1:36:10: PSN[Snicker]
  • 1:37:40: Outro


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