Posted May 17, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime

Editor’s Choice: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Missing something and just don’t know what it is? I think we found it.

The Gundam series has always been known for its combination of mecha action and astonishing drama. If you haven’t taken a look at “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, you should….like right now. Gundam 00 is full of the fast-paced flashing battles adored by mecha lovers. Thisseries of Gundam shows the best story that has been introduced. The characters’ roles will keep you on your toes, never knowinf who is on whose side.

It’s the world against the team of Gundams, Celestial Being, the most powerful and unique types of mobile suits. The pilots fight for what they believe in, against the world’s armed forces, numbered 100,000 to 1. Everybody believes Celestial Being are the bad guys. Truthfully, just because you think you are doing the right thing doesn’t you mean you are. Who are the true heroes? Why not watch for yourself and find out?

The Gundam’s power relies on teamwork and trust. If the enemy gets a hold of their power it’s a whole new war. Can everybody be trusted? Even if united, no two people fight for the same reasons. Even though a fight is promised in each episode, it is only half the anime. The drama behind it all makes this a five star anime you need to give more than a chance.

Unstoppable Combination

What can be really loved about this anime, is how you can gain a connection with the main character, Setsuna. Setsuna is the heart of Celestial Being. He is the most independent of all the Gundam pilots and always is the one to save the day. You learn the past of all the pilots but it is Setsuna’s whose is the most interesting. It is his whose really comes back to bite him and all his companions in the ass. Setsuna never lets anything gets in his way. When he and his Gundam Exia are united, there is nothing he not willing to slice for righteousness.

We hope you love this anime enough to move on to it’s second season.




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