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Check Out this New Anime: Blue Exorcist

Demon slaying just got real. We have recently came into contact with a newly released anime, "Blue Exorcist". (more…)


Seth McFarlane to reboot…the Flintstones?

  Seth McFarlane has gotten the tv and film licenses to the Flintstones and planst s on bringing the show back to Fox. I'm not sure how I feel about this.   [source]


Should I Watch That — May 9, 2011

This week is SIWT's most explosive episode yet. Not only are the crew joined by MediaBeast brethren Chronos and Black Hulk, but several topics get the guys heated with one another: race relations in Hollywood, practical effects vs. CGI, film adaptations of video games, and much more. This week's review is Thor, the new Marvel Studios' film. Did the film overcome the initial negativity of its' marketing campaign or is doomed to be a mockery of yet another comic book franchise? *When we spoke about Columbiana, we mention how "it's Luc Besson's film" but it should be noted that he is NOT directing it. He has writing and producing credit* SHOWNOTES Intro (0:00-2:04) MediaBeast overlord Black Hulk and Chronos from the GPR show join us! Whatcha Been Watchin’ (2:04) Black Hulk – The Office, Get Him to the Greek (5:56) Chronos – NBA Playoffs (8:01) Clif – Misfits, The Office, Community (26:10) Rod – Donald Glover concert ...


Tekken Movie Announced – Tekken: Blood Vengeance

A CG Feature title has been announced to join the Tekken family. Blood Vengeance! (more…)


10 Worst Mothers In Video Game History

  While we in the RL thank our Moms, lets go back and list the worst Moms in Gaming History. (more…)


Scalade’s R.T.S.

As much as we love our media here at MediaBeast, most of it is fictional, I’ve never seen a plumber run so far, fights dragons and save a princess, nowhere in our mythology books is there a mention of Kratos, and lets face it, the Halo Spartans defy the laws of physics. So with that said I thought a fresh dose or reality would be good. Welcome to my R.T.S. or Real Type Sh!t. The other night our President confirmed the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the leader behind the 9/11 attacks. That was about 10 years ago so I was sitting at nice young age of 10. They say you’ll never forget where you were that day and I’m no exception. I was in school actually just starting class when it happened. I remember my headmaster coming over the loud speaker and telling us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All we knew was that classes were going to continue as usual, nothing about an attack, nothing about deaths. So for maybe the first day I really didn’t know ...


Should I Watch That — May 2, 2011

This week, join Rod, Clif, and special guest/MediaBeast brother Chronos in the most hilarious SIWT yet as they explore the morals of Kick-Ass (more…)


The Reactor -001- “Conspiracy Theory”

  Our 1st Taped episode of The Reactor! (more…)