Posted May 5, 2011 by James Calade in Gaming

Scalade’s R.T.S.

As much as we love our media here at MediaBeast, most of it is fictional, I’ve never seen a plumber run so far, fights dragons and save a princess, nowhere in our mythology books is there a mention of Kratos, and lets face it, the Halo Spartans defy the laws of physics. So with that said I thought a fresh dose or reality would be good. Welcome to my R.T.S. or Real Type Sh!t.

The other night our President confirmed the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the leader behind the 9/11 attacks. That was about 10 years ago so I was sitting at nice young age of 10. They say you’ll never forget where you were that day and I’m no exception. I was in school actually just starting class when it happened. I remember my headmaster coming over the loud speaker and telling us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All we knew was that classes were going to continue as usual, nothing about an attack, nothing about deaths. So for maybe the first day I really didn’t know about 9/11. I went on in my world and the things that concerned me, Kids WB and my Nintendo 64 (Gamecube was just a few months away). So as the lives of so many crumbled around me all I cared about were my Yu-Gi-Oh life points and getting through Gym Leader Castle.

So while I’m glad that Bin Laden has been eliminated, and I know he can’t cause anymore damage I can’t feel the same closure others do because I wasn’t really effected, I was young, wasn’t anywhere near ground zero and my life just rolled on. So be glad Bin Laden’s gone but don’t celebrate his death. Now we’ve riled up Al Qaeda and another leader will rise so just be ready. It’s amazing what American’s can accomplish while the PSN’s down. That’s some R.T.S.

James Calade

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