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Should I Watch That — May 2, 2011

This week, join Rod, Clif, and special guest/MediaBeast brother Chronos in the most hilarious SIWT yet as they explore the morals of Kick-Ass , dissect the brand-new trailers for some of this year’s most highly anticipated movies (a couple of which you can watch here: http://mediabeast.net/2011/04/movie-trailer-overload/), get excited over The Dark Knight Rises, and review the weekend’s hot release: Fast Five. Is this series in need of a tune-up or can it still compete with the best of ’em?

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(0:00—1:01) Chronos from the GPR show joins us!

Whatcha Been Watchin’

(1:02—6:05) Chronos – Hulu Plus on Xbox 360, Hanna, Madea’s Big Happy Family

(6:05—20:46) Clif – Misfits, Kick-Ass

(20:46—29:33) Rod – Season finales (Justified, Community), House

Trailer Talk

(29:42—33:25) The Change-Up

(33:25—40:49) X-Men: First Class

(40:49—55:24) Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

(55:24—58:23) Immortals


(59:29—1:02:30) Avengers/Captain America First Day Shooting Speculation

(1:02:30—1:05:17) Christopher Nolan Chooses New Location for The Dark Knight Rises


(1:08:35—1:46:32) Fast Five

(1:25:58—1:43:05) Spoiler Section for Fast Five


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