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Should I Watch That — May 9, 2011

This week is SIWT’s most explosive episode yet. Not only are the crew joined by MediaBeast brethren Chronos and Black Hulk, but several topics get the guys heated with one another: race relations in Hollywood, practical effects vs. CGI, film adaptations of video games, and much more.
This week’s review is Thor, the new Marvel Studios’ film. Did the film overcome the initial negativity of its’ marketing campaign or is doomed to be a mockery of yet another comic book franchise?

*When we spoke about Columbiana, we mention how “it’s Luc Besson’s film” but it should be noted that he is NOT directing it. He has writing and producing credit*


(0:00-2:04) MediaBeast overlord Black Hulk and Chronos from the GPR show join us!

Whatcha Been Watchin’
(2:04) Black Hulk – The Office, Get Him to the Greek
(5:56) Chronos – NBA Playoffs
(8:01) Clif – Misfits, The Office, Community
(26:10) Rod – Donald Glover concert

Trailer Talk
(32:48) Captain America: The First Avenger
(44:00) Columbiana

(58:14) The Amazing Spider-Man set shoot videos
(1:08:47) Ubisoft Opens Movie Studio

(1:23:34) Thor
(1:42:41-2:12:55) Spoiler Section for Thor

Step Your Game Up
(2:15:47) Our brand new segment!



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