Posted May 21, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Podcasts

The Reactor: “It’s the end of the world!? Nah! We be Trollin!”




In this Episode of The Reactor, we have a full house with every MediaBeast joining the show. With the apparent “Armageddon” upon us we talk about what we think about the whole situation.

And we also talk about our prom experiences. Many lol’s ensure!


The Reactor Show Notes

0:00-Intro Song

1:40- Introduction / GuestHosts; Should I watch That Hosts: Clif & Rod, GPR Hosts: Chronos & Scalade

2:12- Whatcha Been Doing?

12:13- Topic 1: Boy banned from his prom, and our prom experiences.

26:48- Topic 2: Scalade’s Sony Troubles

38:50- Topic 3: End of the World? Is it? Is it really?

55:46: Step Yo Game Up!



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