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Best and Worst Blatant Video Game Rip Offs

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Lets look at examples of both. (more…)

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Episode Review: X-Men 08

No story is good unless it includes lies and secrets. While at Sasaki's lab, the X-Men make a few encounters that raise a few questions. (more…)

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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 11

"Deadman Wonderland" gives us another good episode. Everybody is getting their just desserts from the last episode and it's nice to see most of the people, especially Ganta, try to make up for it. If these Deadmen do not know anything, they know what they want. (more…)

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Should I Watch That Episode 9

Sorry for the brief hiatus folks, we're back. (more…)

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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 11

"Blue Exorcist" is off on a bad start. Episode 11, the first filler-like episode of the series that can be skipped. Nothing but false alarms here. (more…)

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Episode Review: Control: Money of Soul and Possibility 11

If this is the end of C:, it is a way to go out. Episode 11 proves to be the most epic and entertaining episode yet. The way things turns out for Yoga and his acquaintances a predictable but still yet pretty amazing. What will happen next? What does this new future hold? (more…)

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Episode Review: Control: Money of Soul And Possibility 10

What a surprise. It is episodes like this that make MEDIABEAST glad that we've encountered "C: Money of Soul and Possibility". It looks like it may be nearing its end but it looks like a spectacular one. What is the fate for the Financial District and better yet, the future. (more…)


Adult Swim Premiere: Durarara

Catch Adult Swim as it premieres Durarara tonight, June 26 12:30 AM. (more…)


Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Pre-game

With the Uncharted 3 Beta right around the corner, I thought everyone should be prepared for the onslaught. Here's a few details and tips on the beta to make sure your ready. (more…)


GPR-“Blue Blurs 20th Anniversary and Industry Changing Events” Part 1

This episode of GPR is so big we had to split it into two parts. (more…)


Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 10

Ganta, feeling weak as always makes a big irrational decision that he is going to have to face later. As he is feeling useless, Scar Chain faces the truth of their problem and Crow has his on solutions. (more…)

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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 10

"Blue Exorcist" introduces a weird cat that will be a regular in further episodes. Unfortunately, that is all there is to this episode. (more…)


MediaBeast Game Night: Uncharted 2

Whats the best way to cure the case of the Mondays? How about a game night with the MediaBeast crew! (more…)


The Reactor Episode 3: “Hulk Need Love Too….”

    It's summertime and BlackHulk is ready to party! (more…)

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Episode Review: X-Men 07

New friendly and evil faces, but which is which. The X-Men meet a lot of new faces and it is too early to decide which side they stand on. (more…)


“Final” Harry Potter Trailer Released!

Whew, I can't believe it's almost over, The first movie was released when I was in middle school, it was probably the first (and only) family outing as far as I remember, heading to the movies and see "Harry Potter". This movie ending puts another reminder to my generation that we are getting old. This trailer looks fantastic! I literally got goosebumps while watching (that may have been from my ceiling fan, but nevertheless I'm excited).Obviously for those who read the book, there are a few snipits in the trailer that you porbably don't remember in the book..Harry's little diving scene with Voldermort for example (I would sure as hell would have remembered that). Which I say isn't a bad thing, looks like the makers are making this movie more action climatic towards the ending than in the book, which I see no reason to complain, no harm either way. Checks it out!


Conan The Barbarian Red Band Trailer Is Here!..Eh

Honestly I am not expecting too much out of this Conan film, besides the I'm pretty sure forgettable storyline (hell, I forgot it already) The guy playing Conan, Jason Momoa, just seems too "prettyboyish" for me to be considered a barbarian, I just don't buy it. That's me personally, I'm sure many will disagree. Personal bias aside the recent red band trailer has just been released and it is, bloody. Now when we think red band trailer some of us may think "strong sexual content" which is understandable being that this is Conan we are talking about, and is set in medieval times, zero of that in this trailer, but none the less a pretty decent red band. Those who were on the edge on whether or not to see this may be swayed positively. If you think like me and just don't really care, then "eh", maybe you will maybe you won't. I digress, What's your verdict, good or bad? Comment below.

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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 06

X-Men have researched what they needed in New York. Now it's time to head back to Japan to investigate. X-Men- Arrival in JapanThe David Haller Syndrome must be dealt with. The X-Men head by to Japan to vaccinate the mutants in that area. Although the matter at hand is very serious, the episode starts off slow. Don't expect any action too soon in this episode but everything is well. "X-Men" do a great job at bringing up suspicions and questions that has something to do with the increase of mutant activity in Japan. It's always the smart guy who has to do the boring stuff. The team leaves it to Beast to take care of Japan and their DHS candidates. This scene starts out boring but gets a bit interesting. A weird looking mutants arrive. It surprises us and Beast. Seeing as how secondary mutations, although little, seem to be a main conflict. This prepares you for more monstrous mutations that should be seen later on in the series. ...


Should I Watch That: Post-Credits — Ep. 1

  The gang's first-ever Aftershow. Tonight, SIWT hosts Clif and Rod are joined by Chris and James to talk about their movie theater experiences (the good, the bad, and the hilarious), the Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater's PSA on phone use and various topics including CGI in films, Green Lantern, and a lot more.   [powerpress]


Should I Watch That — Episode 8

  On today's episode, Chris and Josh make another guest appearance to discuss what they have been watching this past week.  Clif's mic is screwing up once again (but gets better), and we find out that Chris just may have a unhealthy crush on Emma Stone (just kidding, maybe..dun Dun DUN!) (more…)