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Episode Review: Control: Money of Soul and Possibility 11

If this is the end of C:, it is a way to go out. Episode 11 proves to be the most epic and entertaining episode yet. The way things turns out for Yoga and his acquaintances a predictable but still yet pretty amazing. What will happen next? What does this new future hold?Previously, episode 10 left us at a deal between Yoga and Mikuni. With Yoga now having his second Asset, Georges, it may even the battlefields just a little. It seems Yoga knows how to use Georges without any training and shows some simple, classic, and cool abilities. This is the battle where everything is at stake so every amount of power matters.

Yoga (bottom) vs Mikuni (top)

We’ve always known why Yoga wants to save the future, but what about Mikuni. If you ever wanted to get inside the head of Mikuni and his money eating Asset, Q, this is the episode to do it. How else do you fight somebody on a higher level than you? You try to play with their mind; throw off their game. But does it even matter when your opponent is number one?

The fight is bigger than just Mikuni and Yoga. The whole outside world of Japan is in panic. They are lost without their money, but then again who isn’t? The truth is being revealed but they still have no idea what is going on. Either they lose it all and gain something new. Whatever the fate, it is up to Yoga.

Yoga vs Mikuni

Is it possible for Assets, digital programs, to have feelings? It is said that Assets are the Entres future. Just exactly what that means is hard to decipher but this episode does its best of showing how Mikuni relates to his and how close Yoga is to Mashu. This is way better than having a Digimon or Pokemon. To actually have a powerful companion made just for you is the best. One that becomes more powerful the more you understand each other. This kind of link is truly amazing.

Another good thing about this episode is viewing the pain. Other anime overdo the hits they take. In C:, things are believable. The expressions and words said by people hurt physically and mentally kidnaps you into the story. This episode make you ever so glad you gave this anime a chance. The music for the past two episodes have been astonishing.

Could not have done it better myself.

Verdict: Excellent


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