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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 11

“Blue Exorcist” is off on a bad start. Episode 11, the first filler-like episode of the series that can be skipped. Nothing but false alarms here.This episode is not what you would expect after watching it’s opening. The first five minutes of episode 11 is a total tease. Throughout the episode, everybody is worried about a great sea demon while they are surrounded by cute anime babes. It sucks for Rin, Shima, and Izumo, as they are stuck selling squid and babysitting a weird kid.

The Almighty Tease!!!!

Whenever we see a nice populated anime beach, the back of our heads are waiting for the hot anime babes in bikinis, especially the people who have the hots for any main character. “Blue Exorcist” doesn’t do too well in this department. Then scenery of this episode is only pleasant for few moments. The whole idea of being on a beach becomes dull after a while.

The plot of this episode are not the greatest but it is not bad either. A sailor goes out to slay the big demon, never returns, and his LONELY son takes it upon himself to avenge him. I don’t know what kind of dad leaves to fight a huge demon when they have a son to feed, but I do know it isn’t a good one. “Bad Father of the Year” Award.

When the Exorcists meet the little boy….the story still fails to pick up. It is actually quite sad when the young boy, whose name is Yohei by the way, seems to be wiser than Izumo. If a little boy without a father is able to make a college student shut up and think twice, somebody should be a bit embarrassed.

The fight scene of this episode is the worst of all the episode….so far. It is not worth mentioning unless you want to be saved from some disappointments.

The main plot of the series does not progress at all….so……

Verdict: Fair


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