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Best and Worst Blatant Video Game Rip Offs

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Lets look at examples of both.


Many people don’t know this but Minecraft isn’t the first game to play like the way that it does. Before Minecraft was InfiniMiner, this was a game that was created by Zachary Barth. He is the true father of “Block World “games.

The visuals and mechanics of procedural generation and terrain deformation of Minecraft were drawn from Infiniminer. According to Minecraft author Markus Persson, after he discovered the Infiniminer, and then he “decided it was the game he wanted to do”.

4.Saints Row- GTA

Saints Row turned into GTA Clone into Original GTA Successor. Before I get hate mail for saying that, here are my reasons.  When Saints Row originally came out we had GTA San Andreas to look at for a GTA experience. When GTA IV was released many people felt that GTA has lost what made it GTA and Saints Row had what they were looking for. With Saints Row being released we now have that zany open world adventure that is actually well put together game.

3.Rock Band- Guitar Hero

This is a case and point example where we can get a copy of a game series and the “copy” evolves into something better and other franchises start to copy what they are doing. Harmonics made Rock band less goofy and made it a little bit more serious by adding drums and vocals into the mix, this was something that pushed the genre forward.

Guitar Hero seemed to be fine with having insane solos while Rock Band took a more professional looking look to it, they introduced us to everything that we know and love in the genre. Bass, drums, keyboard, vocals, and even pro instruments were thrown into the mix. It’s too bad that companies don’t want to invest in this genre since it can’t get sales like FPS games.

2.Sonic & Sega AllStar Racing- Mario Kart

Take some of the best characters from your franchise and put them into a kart racer. That has to work right? WRONG! We have seen many rips of Mario Kart over the years and there will never be a shortage of them. But here comes Sega with their Kart racing game and a lot of people called it off even before it was released. Oh how wrong they were.

Sega All Star Racing actually was a very well put together Kart racing game. It was fast, had a great cast of racers, had fun power ups, and last but not least had an announcer that I have to say is the best I’ve heard in years.

1.Uncharted- Tomb Raider

People are going to hate me for this but I have to put this on the list. But think about it, they are both artifact hunters, when they are on an adventure a simple “Tomb Raid” turns into some supernatural B.S., they both have had an adventure that had some form of blue goo that transformed people. I don’t know if it’s just the genre but it sorta has a similar feel to it.

Uncharted is my number one because it took what Tomb Raider needed to be and made it their own. There are clear differences between the two and it’s obvious. Drake is an “everyman” and you can see the weakness that he has whenever he barely makes a jump, or he stumbles every so often. Naughty Dog made Uncharted so well that you would never consider Uncharted to be Dude Raider, but more of a great game that now it looks like Tomb Raider is taking notes from Uncharted. Yeah I’m looking at you Tomb Raider E3 2011 demo.


Like I said before sometimes companies will “imitate” a game and it just doesn’t work out. Here are some examples of this.

5. MaXplosion- ‘Splosion Man

This is actually the shadiest game on this list. The makers of ‘Splosion Man actually went to Capcom originally with the idea of this game. Capcom turned them down and I’m pretty sure as soon as Twisted Pixel left the room Capcom said” Screw that, let’s make the game anyways”.

4.Sonic Shuffle- Mario Party

Mario Party has been around for a while, so long in fact that they are on their 8th or 9th game now? Who keeps count anymore, all I know is that they really do make great party games hence the name Mario Party. Well during the Dreamcast era, Sonic Team decided to try this out with the Blue Blur. And well this game was terrible. It was “Mario Party minus the fun”


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. You know the phrase; it’s been likened to many great works of art that others who dream of having the same kind of success pattern their own work of art after. Now it’s arrived in Uncharted style to the gaming Industry. Yes folks, Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is the closest thing to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise I’ve ever seen.

I wonder if the main characters name is Ekard, and his partner in crime is Ylluud. Oh and don’t forget about his love interest Anele. This game looks like clear rip of Uncharted, just minus the beautiful graphics, stellar story, and the fun of the whole series.

2.Fortress Craft- Minecraft

Minecraft is an Indie PC hit, after selling 2.5 million units in its beta  you have to admit that Minecraft is a popular game. And with success in anything you will always see someone copy the same formula and try to make a run for fame. Fortress Craft for XBL Arcade is exactly what this is.

Yes this is a game which is a complete rip off of Minecraft and has fewer features than Minecraft. This game is a dollar on XBL store but here’s where it really sucks…wait for it…are you ready? You have to buy it in chapters! So instead of enjoying the game you will have to keep buying chapters to extend your game time. This is ridiculous in my opinion. I’ll just stick with Minecraft when it hits XBL later this year.

1.Anything made in China

The chinese are known for making off brand products for well……almost anything that we have over here in the states. Do you want an iPad? They have an off brand for it. Hey is that an Xbox 360? Nope! It plays PS3 games. China has an off brand product for almost any product.

China has tons of off brand games too, Team Fortress 2, Super Mario Galaxy, you name it, they probably have it.



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