Posted June 17, 2011 by CliffyH in Movies

Conan The Barbarian Red Band Trailer Is Here!..Eh

Honestly I am not expecting too much out of this Conan film, besides the I’m pretty sure forgettable storyline (hell, I forgot it already) The guy playing Conan, Jason Momoa, just seems too “prettyboyish” for me to be considered a barbarian, I just don’t buy it. That’s me personally, I’m sure many will disagree.

Personal bias aside the recent red band trailer has just been released and it is, bloody. Now when we think red band trailer some of us may think “strong sexual content” which is understandable being that this is Conan we are talking about, and is set in medieval times, zero of that in this trailer, but none the less a pretty decent red band. Those who were on the edge on whether or not to see this may be swayed positively. If you think like me and just don’t really care, then “eh”, maybe you will maybe you won’t. I digress, What’s your verdict, good or bad? Comment below.


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