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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 09

Looks as though Rin is never safe. Professor Neahaus, the one who attacked the Esquire students previously, comes back with bigger hits. We get a look at a real tamer in action.

Battles take a lot out of you

Wounded from the previous attack, the Esquire students are gathering themselves. All is well until Mephisto appears and reveals that the attacks were just Esquire tests. Everybody is in shock, not knowing what to say. Some did well and other do not know what to think. Did they fail? Is this the end of their career? One thing is for sure. Neahaus took the test a bit far, almost killing Rin. What are his true motives?

Obviously, everybody who fought are confident in getting scored. They think just because they are beginners, that just trying is enough. Everybody is really confident in Shiemi’s score since she took the initiative when attacked. Being the timid little girl she is, she is embarrassed and shy. It is kind of cute.

Yukio and his father, Fujimoto

We also get to see that Shiemi has a little crush on Yukio. This is a nice little moment in the episode where you get to see Yukio and Shiemi when they first met. Yukio was such a ¬†different person back then and you can hardly tell it’s him. A lot of things have changed for Yukio. Every other character seemed to act the same as they did when they were younger. Was there something else than Yukio’s father’s death that phased him.

Yukio is suspicious of Neafaus. He believes that his attack was too serious. Neafaus claims to have his reasons and decides to attack again. This time it is obvious he wants Rin dead. With Neafaus as a tamer, this episode shows some cool abilities tamers have and a few weakness. It is known that blood is needed to attract demons. Neafaus was able to summon bits and pieces of demon from bleeding areas on his arm. Unfortunately, summoning a huge demon takes a lot of blood. Bug summons cannot be done often in one battle. Some demons require demon circles to be made. The big downfall about that, is that if the sign is erased in anyway, the demon disappears.

Neafaus’s skills are impressive. His demons look powerful and they fit his anger. He hates Rin. He, along with others, has been scarred by Satan on the Blue Night, the night 16 years before the plot where Satan personally possessed people and killed many. He warns Yukio and Rin to beware of others.

Mephisto, the dean, is planning something. It is too early to say if he is a friend or foe. He is requesting the help of his demon brothers to attack Rin; to test his powers. Hopefully, Rin gets a little training before it’s too late.


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