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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 10

“Blue Exorcist” introduces a weird cat that will be a regular in further episodes. Unfortunately, that is all there is to this episode. When you have nothing to do in college, (excluding demon exorcisms) you’re going to want a pet. The demon cat, Blacky, has arrived. Awaiting her master’s return, she finds out the sad truth she goes on a rampage. When everybody else fails, it is up to Yukio to kill it, but not if Rin has something to say about it. When facing this demon, Rin discovers a new demon power that makes things a lot easier.

Blacky- Bad Cat

Even the best of brothers argue. Although it does not turn into a brawl, Yukio and Rin have a little argument. While Rin is being scolded, we get a look at how long the rank list is for exorcist classes. Although Rin and Yukio’s spot is not high at all, we get our first mention of the top rank, Paladin. All is unknown about this rank but we will know it will come up again in the future.

Like always, if it’s big, our favorite exorcist Fujimoto has something to do with it. See how he plays a big role, even in his death.

This episode is not that big of importance. All that happened can be briefed to you and it wouldn’t mkae that big of a deal. This is one of those episodes that are just there to be there.

Verdict: Fair


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