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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist Episode 08

“Blue Exorcist” has done better. This time, they give their fans drama between classmates and not enough legit action. This episode gets reviewed as MEDIABEAST believes that it could have been a lot better.When your actions gets somebody close to you seriously hurt, it is expected for you to feel guilty. When you are a jerk to everybody else, why act surprised when your only friend wants to leave you?  Episode 8 reveals that one kid in the class that nobody like because they are a jerk and appear to be useless at the most important times. Yes Kamiki, you are on the spotlight. In the past two episodes (including Episode 8), she has caused much unnecessary drama for the dumbest reasons. If this episode accomplishes anything, it shows who not to like as of now.

Miss "I f***ed up*, Kamiki

Everybody has felt guilt, but when s*** is actually your fault, fix it or stay in your place. In the previous episode, a demon infiltrated the exorcists dorm and is greeted by Kamiki and her friend Paku. Demons are very dangerous to humans. Their spit can kill them. Paku is injured and Kamiki takes the blame, becomes sad, and spreads her sadness to the rest of the cast. She is a real downer and makes this episode hard to watch at first. She tries to snap on Bon and gets put in her place. Bon, don’t take smack from nobody!!!

Even though some of this episode was pointless, what you have to remember is that these are just kids. Although some of their actions are not great for viewer entertainment, it is understandable. Kids get mad and do stupid things. Once that is accepted, it is easier to deal with the immature actions these young exorcist do. It’s stupid but funny. Enjoy their feeble minds while you can.

As night comes, Yukio leaves the students in the dorms as he goes on a mission. Left alone they are attacked by a demon and must fend for themselves.It is here you see the uselessness of Kamiki. She goes through the scared phase as everybody else wants to fight and live. Animes cliche this feeling of certain characters being useless. Aside that, we see Shiemi’s demon Ni, is usable for defense and healing as it sprouts roots to trap the demon.

The action of this episode is not pleasing. Don’t get you hopes up. It is nice seeing the students trying to fight but they are not at the level where it does any damage or looks good. It’s like and old lady trying to take a bear. There’s no point to it. We commend the young exorcists on their bravery, though. There is a part where Rin leads half of the attacking demon away, only to give 3 seconds of a fight. Disappointment to everybody. The culprit of the attack is a fellow teacher who knows of Rin’s demon heritage. Bon manages to destroy the demon with the right spell but it was still not pleasing. There just wan not enough detailed put into this episode.

Bon sitting in classes….probably thinking about pie lol

On the informative end, “Blue Exorcist” gives a bit information on one of the exorcist classes, Aria. As stated in the previous review, Aria’s represent the spell type. As they recite a Bible verse, they perform a spell that is related to what is recited. This makes Aria looks as though it may have the largest arsenal out of all the exorcist classes. Bon, is very intellectual and has memorized the whole Book of John. What we learn is that not all spells affect all demons. It takes the right spell fight the right demon. This makes Aria seem like the most difficult class. If they don’t have the right verse, they are screwed.

This episode also stresses teamwork. Yukio, the teacher of the young exorcists, explains that all exorcists must work in teams to survive. The three classes that we have seen in (Dragoon, Aria, and Tamer) all have their setbacks. Dragoon needs ammo, Aria needs their knowledge of verses, and Tamers need strong wills to stay in control. These are aside from the other weaknesses that are yet to have been revealed. It makes total sense to work as a team to have your ass saved if one of these problems would occur at the wrong time. This has MEDIABEAST waiting to see the combinations of the classes fighting alongside each other.

Verdict: Fair

Even in the preview, she complains


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