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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist Episode 07

Everybody loves variety and “Blue Exorcist” introduces the five kinds of exorcist fighting styles. Come and read what we know about the cool and interesting styles.

The major conflict of episode 8 is Shiemi’s desire for friends. She doesn’t have any and goes through that “Will you be my friend?” phase. She tries to befriend a popular girl and goes through a little drama. It’s kind of a good touch to the episode but it’s nothing you don’t see in high school. Even in animes, girls can be sneaky and dirty.

Also, there seems to be a certain teacher who is working for Satan. Betrayal is always a nice touch to animes.




Now for the main course; the part that really makes this episode worthy of a review.The five Exorcist classes

The students of the academy are approaching summer break and it’s time for the exams. The uprising exorcists are required to take an exam that tests them on at least one exorcist class to determine what kind of exorcist they will be. Not yet knowing a lot about each classes, we can only briefly describe some of them.

Knight- Rin Okumura

Knight- Exorcists who fight demons with swords. The main character, Rin Okumura has chosen to be a knight since he already carries around a sword. Knights are the physical class. Hopefully they will bring more weapons to this class.


Dragoon- Exorcists who fight demons with guns. A perfect example would be Yukio. With special ammo and tons of it, the exorcists fill demons with lots of lead.

Tamer- Exorcists who summon demons to aid them in battle. This class alone already interests us because we can tell that some very powerful demons are just waiting to be summoned. The demons which are summoned require blood and demon seals on slips on paper. The demon which is summoned depends on the person and their chant. You must have a strong will in order to control the summoned demons or they will not hesitate to betray you. In that case, if you tear the paper slip, the demon disappears.

Dragoon- Yukio Okumura

Aria- Exorcists who recite Bible verses in order to execute powerful spells. This class was introduced in the first episode with priests. These priests recited certain spells and the spell related to what they chanted. For example, if one was to chant something and mention fire, there is a pretty good chance he or she is about to set something on fire. Everybody loves playing with their spell book.

Doctor- Exorcists who uses herbs in order to heal injured comrades. it’s always nice to have a healer around. Demons can injure people in many different ways and it takes a certain kind of herb for each kind of wound.

The best part about all these styles is that you can mix them. You don’t have to be just one. Shiemi is able to using taming skills to summon a demon who can produce herbs for doctor skills. How awesome is that.

Tamer- Izumo Kamiki


Verdict: Good






Doctor- Shiemi and her summoned demon, Ni





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