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Episode Review: Broken Blade Episode 05

Even though it takes about a month to get the next episode of “Broken Blade”, episode 5 was worth almost every minute. MEDIABEAST takes another dosing of the epic battles and death in the episode 5 of “Broken Blade

This episode get two thumbs up. Previously, episode 4 left Rygart and the Krisna army at camp after a brutal battle with the Athens army. The Athens have now seen the power of Rygart’s Delphine and the astonishing Red Artemis, piloted by General Baldr’s son, Girge. The Athens’ army also have their own set of unique and devastating golems, each piloted by insane warriors destined to kill. Both sides are counting their remaining forces and decided how to return to battle. Either they fight like warriors or retreat.

The face of the Red Artemis pilot, Girge. Beware.

Anime viewers prefer the decision to fight and get bloody over seeing people retreat and talk. The Krishna army has been ordered to retreat and that sad question, “How long will I have to wait for a fight?” pops in your head. All of a sudden, Rygart learns of an attack on his home village and goes into super hero mode. Screw the army’s plan. Rygart has family to protect and he chucks the deuces and explodes off. Instances like this and you know there is going to be blood somewhere. Just the way you like it.

Red Artemis and Athens General from Episode 4

The action of this episode is epic. Once it starts, it gets intense. Rygart and his Delphine stand alone in his massacred town. You have to put yourself in his shoes when he cannot find his family and their murderers ambush him. Imagine his anger when the General in charge of the attack challenges him to a one on one duel. Every step that the Delphine takes is surging with revenge. With the Delphine not being able to use pressure cannons, it is nice to see a large number of new arsenals used alongside Rygart’s rage.

The power of the Delphine and Rygart’s emotions are great when combined. When Rygart is captured, you see many people deciding whether to save him or let him die. “How will he save himself?!” There are so many options running through a viewers head as you see the enemy restraining Rygart.

The fights in the last half of this episode show how resourceful and tactical some of the best golem pilots can be. There are three fights going on at once. Two are Athens vs Krishna. We dare not spoil the exact details of how the Krishna warriors will lose one weapon and in a blink of an eye, they will reveal another. The most epic fight, that came TOO SOON in the series is between Rygart and Girge. The two most interesting combatants of the Krishna army begin to talk through their fists. They find so much out about each other while knocking each other’s block off. The fact that they made their battle a blade battle made it all the more awesome.

Adore the Red Artemis while you can.

The most tragic part of this episode is the deaths. There are people all throughout this episode that we look at and say “I can’t wait to see what that person does later on in the series.” Just when a person starts to get epicly epic…..it’s the end. You think like this is like those other animes, “This person is about to die but I JUST KNOW somebody is going to save them.” SLAP!!!! Don’t get your hopes up. If a regular soldier can die, so can the good people. Crazy isn’t it? If you want to see the most tragic and coolest deaths, just watch the last 10 min and prepare to be amazed and pissed.

Verdict: ExcellentSPOILER ALERT: Just in case you want a taste of the battles or want a sweet reminder.


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