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Episode Review: Control: Money of Soul And Possibility 10

What a surprise. It is episodes like this that make MEDIABEAST glad that we’ve encountered “C: Money of Soul and Possibility”. It looks like it may be nearing its end but it looks like a spectacular one. What is the fate for the Financial District and better yet, the future.Mikuni’s planned has backfired. All his work is being thwarted by bigger pockets and sneaky Entres. Whenever things look bad, he turns back to the rotary press of the financial. Thinking he is saving Japan, he may be hurting it to. Everybody does not see things his way and they don’t plan to let be so easy for him. It’s getting quite dramatic.

Masaki- Japan and America version

There are always people in the shadows at work. Many people aim to betray the most powerful Entre in Japan and many fail. All but Takedasaki, the rat of the Financial District. It seems he has anticipated a lot and was prepared to set Mikuni back without revealing his true, selfish attentions.

Yoga and Satou, are not letting Mikuni get away this. Once they get the information they need, they put their plan into action. The two, alone, believe they have the power to stop him. At first it seems like a bad idea. Mikuni is the most powerful Entre in the Japan Financial District. Only he has the power to save Japan, but yet, 2 small little people think they have a chance.


Yoga steps up. He faces one of his most epic deals. Seeing the harm the rotary press has on Mashu, he decides to handle the battle in a way which is either the bravest or dumbest. But this is what happens when you try to protect what is important to you, isn’t it?

All these events of this episode leads to an awesome start for the next episode. It’ll be a crime to miss.

Verdict: Excellent


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