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Episode Review: Control: Money of Soul and Possibility 09

Bankrupt takes away your future. What happens when a whole country goes bankrupt? What happens to the stores, the money, the people. See how Mikuni saves Japan from its demise and how Kimimaro plans to get everybody’s future back.C, the bankrupt of a country’s Financial District and it’s disappearance of the face of the earth and memories of regular people. Southeast Asia takes a big fall and doesn’t look like it is going along. Its fall spread to surrounding countries, consuming the futures of innocent people. Nobody seems to be able to stop it.

Rotrary Press- Heart of the Financial Distirct

With C’s eyes on Japan, it is not long before they are affected.Mikuni seems to have a plan. He will use Minas money against itself, at the cost of his own future. He makes a deal with  Masaki; a deal so big that he is taken to what seems to be the heart of Tokyo’s financial district. The sight of it is astonishing to not only us but Mikuni as well. Just what is Masaki planning? That smile on his face screams pleasure at your demise.

Mikuni saves what he can but Tokyo is still affect by the C. Although Mikuni’s is pleased with this

Happy Old Masaki

little change, it’s big for Kimimaro. what has happened to his friends. The ones who has known so close have changed and it’s eating him alive. He can’t stand the pointless losses over pointless money.

Although he loses so much, at least he gains a little. He’s able to find out just a little more about his father and the Financial District. He and Mashu get a look at his father’s Asset and it surprises everybody. Assets resemble the Entres future and both Kimimaro and his father Assets seem to bare some similarities.

Kimimaro has finally has made his hero decision. He is going to do whatever he can to save the future of everybody who still remains. No matter what he has to do, he is ready. He officially teams up with Jennifer Sato, another Entre. He is her last hope. Everything is about working together but there’s a slight problem. How does Mashu really feel about Kimimaro’s decision?

Verdict: Good



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