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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 07

Another taste of betrayal and lost hope clashes with the heroic power of determination and anger. MEDIABEAST reviews episode seven of “Deadman Wonderland” as they introduce a number of plot twists and more twisted characters. Just when Ganta thinks it can’t get any worse, we see what this anime hides from him.


Our beloved Shiro has proven herself to be even crazier than we thought. From the beginning of the series you can tell that she is powerful but episode 7 gives its viewers some more more of her action as she briefly battles the director of Deadman Wonderland. What’s worse is finding out that she is the Red Man a.k.a. the Wrecthed Egg, the person who cause all of Ganta’s misfortune.

It is quite dramatic to find these things out about Shiro and then look at her from Ganta’s perspective. Finally, Ganta remembers that the two of them were childhood friends, only sees her as an innocent girl who has done nothing wrong. Ironic, isn’t it?

The hot but sadly twisted Minatsuki

Previously, episode 6 introduced Minatsuki Takami a.k.a. Hummingbird. The younger twisted sister of Yo Takami. She is a deadman who uses her hair, drenched with blood, as whips that attack faster than the human eye can see. She is cute, no doubt,  and in episode 7, she is trying too hard to be hardcore. Of course, she is twisted and Ganta just has to befriend her. This kid is going to get himself killed messing with these women.

The most  interesting character introduced in this episode is super priest Genkaku. He carries


guitars and giant crosses designs for executing deadmen. He is working under the Assistant Warden, but Genkaku himself seems to be a ruthless killer. We find nothing sane about a person who “prays” for their murders and smiles about it. Too twisted.

Verdict: Excellent


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