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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 09

As twisted as ever, MEDIABEAST gets a look at a few new Deadman powers, a new Undertaker, and a weird turn of events.Scar Chain is still on the move and they use hope as their strongest weapon. Alone, hope sounds useless, but when you put it in an anime, hope makes characters do unbelievable things. Karako is injured and puts her life on the line for the rest of her Deadman. Putting her hope into Ganta, she reminisces over Owl and Scar Chain memories she is inspired. She uses her Branches of Sin in a new way. With her last attack on the security bot chasing her friends, she let’s out on a strong attack that shows why she is the vice commander of Scar Chain.

No prison escape can be done alone. As the ground team of Scar Chain move forward, they wait for Owl and Rokuro to activate the elevator. Just as things goe smoothly, Owl, as smart as he is, is fooled by the appearance of a little girl with a huge backpack. Now for smart people, they will think, “You are killing hundreds of people to escape Deadman Wonderland, have Undertakers following you, in the craziest place ever, and you aren’t suspicious of a little girl with a huge suspicios bookbag!?” Owl pays for this dumb decision.

Isn't she cute?

Rokuro’s betraying ass finally decides to show his true colors to Owl. The little girl turns out to be the leader of the 3rd Undertaker Platoon, Daida Hibana. She is equipped with a nice sword and the anime gives her some music that is fit for her character. Honestly, it’s a nice touch if you take the time to notice it. As Rokuro reveals his true colors, Owl and Daida have an immense battle. With Owl at an disadvantage, he must use his weapon, hope, to figure out a way to defeat his enemies and save his comrades.

Just like everybody else in Deadman Wonderland, Daida is just as twisted. Don’t be fooled by her looks. Just wait until you see her past. It’s another to remember.

Genkaku- Check out those Guitars

While Owl has his hands full, the ground team are facing their own problems. Thanks to Rokuro, Tamaki is well aware of Scar Chain’s plan. He sends Ultra-Priest Genkaku to meet and greet them. As ruthless as Genkaku is, many fall to his guitars of death. Everybody leaves everything to Ganta, a young inexperienced Deadman. Imagine how it must feel to be so young and have the deaths and hopes of so many on your shoulders alone. If Ganta is thinking it, we’re thinking it for him.

Nothing to fun enough without Shiro. Upon her arrival she just does something that makes you go, “WTF”, but you knoe it’s for a good reason. Just can’t wait to see why.

Verdict: Good


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