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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 10

Ganta, feeling weak as always makes a big irrational decision that he is going to have to face later. As he is feeling useless, Scar Chain faces the truth of their problem and Crow has his on solutions.Scar Chain’s plan to get the data chip have failed. Ganta, the one who Scar Chain entrusted the chip to, is crushed. With all the guilt on his shoulders, he tries to blame Shiro. It looks as though Shiro has messed up, but what Ganta fails to realize, is that whenever Shiro does something, she has good intentions. Without thinking, Ganta acts like a truly anger person. Anger blocks the mind and it causes him to say and do some things that he is going to regret.

Shiro- Saving the day

Scar Chain has suffered major losses. The previous battle has left them in a weakened state and the Undertakers see this as a perfect time to strike. Rokuro reveals his true colors to everybody and decides to take out his anger on what is left of Scar Chain. Scar Chain holds some strong survivors and some good friends so they will not go down easily. It is the strong people that keeps groups like this together. Although Ganta wants to help, he is not the only one that realizes his uselessness.

The Undertakers are not your regular killers. The most interesting Undertaker move in this episode is Genkakku and his special hostage. When Rokuro decides to openly betray Scar Chain, he brings some friends. It is here you can start to realize how much of a true coward he is. He has of yet to handle any issue alone. His actions are always behind somebody stronger than him. How long will his cowardice tactics last.



Crow, Ganta’s first opponent in the Corpse Carnival is back. He is introduced to Rokuro’s Worm Eaters, weapons that oxidize blood and make the Branches of Sin useless. In previous episodes, the Worm Eaters have destroyed Deadmen but they never went against one as skilled as Crow.

Shiro has mad a new friend. Mad at the only person she cared for, she is in a vulnerable state. Mockingbird, he calls himself. What are his true intentions and why does he seem so familiar. Deadmen Wonderland keeps you guessing.

Verdict: Good


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