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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 11

“Deadman Wonderland” gives us another good episode. Everybody is getting their just desserts from the last episode and it’s nice to see most of the people, especially Ganta, try to make up for it. If these Deadmen do not know anything, they know what they want.Ganta and Shiro are suffering between a little fight. Unfortunately, it is always obvious that the two need each other, whether they believe it or not. While everybody’s negative words and Ganta’s weak actions, he has finally decided to take it upon himself to become stronger. With Crow being the first to defeat the Undertakers’ Worm Eaters, the weapons that oxidized the blood of Branches of Sin, it only makes sense to go to him.


While Ganta is training, Shiro is going through her own quarrels. With Ganta as the only person she seems to carry about, the fight between the two affects her more than she knows. “Deadman Wonderland” does a great job at expressing Shiro’s feelings in this episode. After learning how simple Shiro is, her actions in this matter really show how a confused girl would act. Her strong will is obvious when she refuses to see the truth.

This episode has a nice amount of reappearances. Scar Chain is still on their mission to get out to the world. This episode shows why there is no “i” in “team”. Karako, the second in command officer, take it upon herself to do what she believes is right for the team, but is her will and hope strong enough to help her prevail?

Owl- In his angered but sane condition

Scar Chain are not the only Deadmen walking around. Some nice appearances by a friend and foe run across Ganta. The nice thing about all these Deadmen is that you get to see that the power level the Deadmen fight at is about to step up. Crow’s technique of breaking the sound barrier is the new thing. Seeing as how there are many different version of Branches of Sin, it is a promising power.

We all know Ganta has his punk moments, but he does step up when he needs to. When an immense danger pops up, he doesn’t hesitate to do what he believes is right. But now, everybody’s mistakes, betrayals, and hard work gather in one room……one room of hell. The next episode is sure to start with a bang.

Verdict: Excellent



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