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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 08

This week “Deadman Wonderland” takes a break from it’s sick and twisted side. Read on to see the newly introduced enemies and plans being revealed in Episode 8 of “Deadman Wonderland”.

Previously, episode 7 left Ganta and the Deadmen group,Scar Chain, suffering from an attack from the priest Genkaku. Episode 8 is not as twisted and messed up as its previous episodes, but it does tells it viewers of more things to come.

Shiro and Ganta are back together. As Genkaku prepares to finish off Scar Chain, Shiro comes in and saves the day, leaving Genkaku running with his tail between his legs. It seems as though Shiro has two personalities for she does not remember the events of her and the warden in the previous episode. It is possible that the nice Shiro, the personality shown the most has stronger feeling for Ganta then he does for her. When the word “love” was mentioned by Deadman Karako, a.k.a Game Fowl, she got  a little too happy. Unfortunately, Ganta is still shy around her and afraid to show any strong feelings. Man up, kid.

Look at what Genkaku did to Takami. He doesn't look so good.

Scar Chain is introducing themselves with a bang. The group of Deadmen are planning their escape. With the annual inspection of Deadman Wonderland coming up, Owl, the Deadman in charge of Scar Chain, wants to reveal to the world how cruel this place actually is. He aims to crush Deadman Wonderland from the outside. Deadman Rokuro, is the technical guy who gets inside of Deadman Wonderland. He is able to hack into Deadman Wonderland and so far is able to control a lot of small factors, such as the penalty game and cameras.

There is a third party in this battle to take down Deadman Wonderland. The illustrious Chief Guard Makina is planning to use the inspection a a time to attack as well. Already being suspicious of Tamaki and his secrets, she prepares herself to find the truth and take him down.

Chief Guard Makina as she prepares for the inspection. Yum?

“Deadman Wonderland” introduces a new threat. When you have something as powerful as Deadmen, whose powers are unlimited, you must have a counter plan. Tamaki’s group for hire is reveal, the Undertakers. Lead by Genkaku, these are prisoners who are ruthless and convicted of the most serious crimes. These Undertakers have gone through many experiments and the survivors now execute the deadly Deadmen. In this uproar waiting to happen, it will be Deadman vs Undertaker.

Genkaku and shadows of the numerous Undertakers

We have another betrayal on our hands. Rokuro, the technical Deadman of Scar Chain, is also working for the Undertakers. That’s no good.

The episode ends with the Deadmen starting their plan with a simple escape. Here, you will see various Deadman powers as they try to live.

Verdict: Good



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