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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 04

David Haller Syndrome, a case unique to mutants going through a secondary mutation. The X-Men head back to New York to do some of their own research, but not for long. This episode may not be full on good action but it still keeps you interested.

Doctor- Doctor's don't go hard like this anymore.

Previously, episode 3 left the X-Men outside of the U-Men facility with Emma Frost and Hisako. Rescuing captured mutants that somebody has worked hard for is not easy. The Doctor comes back to fight with his last breath. Even when stripped of most of his robotic arsenal, he still proves to be a badass with what he has left. Armed, with a number of weapons, he launches his last attack on the X-Men.

His first target is Hisako. Many X-Men fans will look at Emma and ask themselves, “Where is her crystal form?”. Well, wait not longer. In a desperate attempt to protect Hisako, Emma transforms for the FIRST TIME in her life in this series. Of course, it still holds it powers of a strong defense. The way MARVEL introduces her ability is quite nice. It is nice to see how some mutants discover their powers when it can save their life.

Hisako- definitely does not look X-Men like.

Doctor continues his attack and surprisingly, the X-Men are just taking a short beating. It would be nice to see them take the initiative and attack. Lucky for them, Hisako has learn how to call forth her psychic armor. In her bout with Doctor, it is easy to tell that one of the primary uses of her power is its ability to increase Hisasko’s physical capabilities and defense. Although, this idea is not original it is nice. Seeing as how X-Men are not usually an anime, Hisako’s power does not really fit in with everybody else. Her powers really looks as though she can have her own anime. She can easily be a one man army.

Happy reunions do not last long in X-Men. What parents always fail to realize is, if your child is a mutant and you call Xavier Institute, you are not getting that child back. But it’s all for the better, isn’t it? Hisako has a short reunion with her parents and it is here where Beast briefly discusses the David Haller Syndrome (DHS). The David Haller Syndrome only applies to mutants and it is basically a mutants secondary mutation. After the awakening of a mutant’s primary power, it is possible for the secondary mutation to occur, giving the mutant extra abilities, in times of need. (For Ex: Emma Frost primary power is telepathy. When risking her life to save Hisako, her secondary mutation kicks in and she develops her crystal morphing powers).

Emma's first transformation. Love the confusion.

Everything about DHS is not good. With extra power comes mental stress. The secondary mutation, if dangerous enough, can consume the mutants mind and make them insane. Beast insists on taking Emma and Hisako back to New York. On route in the X-Jet, they are attacked by a unknown object. This battle is a little too quick to completely enjoy. All you can tell is that the enemy’s physical state is out of control. With it’s defeat, it is revealed that it just a mutant who has gone through the negative effects of DHS.

Hisako has a lot to worried. All of this bad news of being a mutant is coming too fast for one little girl to handle. Her only joy is being in an amazing place like New York. Other than that, the news about DHS and how it may affect Emma is killing her on the inside. How will allt his stress affect her abilities?!

Cyclops and Wolverine- Somebody is angry

The X-Men are not pleased with the information they are getting either. The DHS mutant who attacked them was a student of the Inner Circle, a rival mutant training program which Emma was involved in. With Scott wanting to blame them, Emma is quick to explain they never conducted experiments like the U-Men. Japan is still inaccessible by Cerebro. What exactly is going on there? Unfortunately, the DHS mutant boy was also from Japan. Coincidentally, that is the same place where Emma secondary mutation occurred. We are not done with Japan.

Sadly enough, the DHS mutant boy does not make a recovery. His mind and body has been taken over by DHS. Lucky for us, Frost turns out to be okay. What does this new syndrome holds for current and future mutants alike. Whatever it is, MEDIABEAST knows Marvel will not let us down.

What this episode has over other animes, is the interest it keeps when there is no action. When most anime decide to focus on character problems, usually it’s pointless things that not a lot of people care about. Everything that “X-Men” focuses on, so far, has something to do with the main plot. That gives this anime two thumbs up.

Verdict: Good



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