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Episode Review: X-Men 07

New friendly and evil faces, but which is which. The X-Men meet a lot of new faces and it is too early to decide which side they stand on.

The previous episode left the X-Men in the home of Sasaki Hui, founder of the Sasaki Institute, looking for answers of Tohoku, Japan’s mutant activity. Apparently, she shares a past few of the X-Men. Although Sasaki is very house warming, the X-Men are nothing short but suspicious. There is something hidden behind almost everything she says and it doesn’t take a telepath to see it.

Sasaki Hui

In previous episodes, Professor X and Hisako mention a young boy who they cannot clearly remember. Sasaki may know more than she lets on about these children…..or is this the same little boy. Sasaki, Professor X, and Hisako may have more i common than they all know. How does Professor X really know Sasaki? What a small….mutant world.

It’s not smart to be ambushed and not investigate. A few members return to the snowy battle scene from the previous episode to investigate. Upon investigation, they meet new faces of U-Men. If you pay attention to the opening credits, you will get a glimpse of what they look like before they are introduced in this episode. These new enemies are quite different from the last few enemies we have seen. It is unknown whether they are fully mutants or the origins of their powers. Either way, they are a force to be reckoned with and know how to deliver a message.

Wolverine- Rushing into Battle

Emma is still able to see something is bothering Scott. As Sasaki tries to hide something from the X-men, Emma takes it into her own hands to find the problem. Whatever the problem is, Scott needs to deal with it if he plans to be an effective leader. Is Emma the answer he needs or does he long for something that is long gone?

Overall, the episode is okay. It may be quite a bore for a majority of it’s length but the action is still good as always. It is nice to see Beast in action like never before. Although he has always been a good mutant, this anime gives him another form of respect.

Verdict: Fair


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