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Episode Review: X-Men 08

No story is good unless it includes lies and secrets. While at Sasaki’s lab, the X-Men make a few encounters that raise a few questions.

DHS mutant

In the X-Men world, you are never safe. While Sasaki is walking alone, she gets a surprise from an unsuspected visitor. With the X-Men being the only muscle around, it seems there is no way to calm this beast without taking it down. This is a nice way to start the episode because it gets you into it before you have the chance to be bored.

There are some things to look at during this fight scene. weirdly enough, it targets Sasaki but aims to hurt everybody but her. This creature is in a time of crisis, but yet it decides to not harm its target. Obviously, there must be some special relationship that everybody in the anime is missing.

Damon Hall Syndrome strikes again. DHS has more to do with this episode than anything else. It is once again tied into the main conflict and it is not acting alone. Sasaki is holding secrets from the X-Men that are doing more harm than good. Whether she had or good or bad attentions is unknown but she is definitely guilty. What side she stands on remains a dramatic mystery, for her lab assistants, each, seem to have different attentions.

Even minor characters can give entertainment. Both of Sasaki’s male assistants raise even more questions. It seems Roga, the frightened assistant, has a lot to do with the monster that introduced itself in the beginning of the episode. This is enough to know Sasaki has something to do with it.

Wolverine and Cyclops- Interrogation

Professor Xavier is in his way to Japan with a lot on his mind. Finally, you get to see a little truth behind the past he and Sasaki shared. Unfortunately, some of the good memories are excluded but we know we will see more soon. Professor X looks like he will have a lot of times on his hands.

Emma sees a familiar face and from her expressions, it’s not somebody she wants to see. Hopefully, we see more about his before we forget.

Teamwork is the key. As always, and this is nice, no X-Men is great alone. Throughout all fights, we see that alone, one X-Men can be defeated quickly, but by working together, almost any enemy underestimates their cooperative power and falls to the X-Men. Not only in fights do teamwork counts. In order for the X-Men to solve the DHS problem in Tohuku, Japan, they need Sasaki to work with them instead of keeping secrets. Secrets have tend to turn out for the worst in the worst of times.

Verdict: Good


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