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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 01

MEDIABEAST takes it first look at Marvel’s X-Men, anime style. Although it does not amaze us like our traditional animes, it still impresses us. It has a nice new feel to it.

Phoenix don't play no games son!!!

Episode one starts nicely with a big bang. Marvel brings us at a fiery battlefield in the forest. Jean Grey has gone ballistic as the Phoenix once again and the X-Men are faced against a dear friend. The team is not as big as we loved it so there is a lot of missing talent. Their arsenal lies within the power of the sexy Storm, intellectual beast, commanding Cyclops, and the raging Wolverine. As the Phoenix is trying to destroy her comrades, Professor Xavier is trying to reach to her through Cerebro but is being stopped by an outside telepath. While all the X-Men fight for their lives, Cyclops tries to reach out to Jean Grey only to find out that she is being control. In order to not kill her friends, Jean Grey does what she can to sacrifice herself, causing a death that broke up the X-Men until further notice.

The team is separated and living their lives as they see fit. Storm is relaxing on a cruise and she looks awesome as always. Beast is a professor, still overwhelming the minds of humans that underestimate his intelligence. Wolverine is being Wolverine. He is being a bad-ass and giving everybody he doesn’t like a hard time. Scott, aka Cyclops, has to be the one feeling sorry for himself. He is living at the scene of Jean’s death. A little while is okay but living there for a year is just sad. Somebody needs to man up.

Wolverine on the offensive. Does he even have a defense? lol

It takes an emergency to reunite the team. Professor X learns of a mutant in Japan who has gone missing. By who and why is unknown. Bad enough, the cops in Japan are of no help, but on top of that, Cerebro, the machine used to locate mutants around the world, is proving to be ineffective in the Japan region. Somebody or something is blocking it’s telepathic capabilities. Hisako, the kidnapped mutant and unknown to the X-Men is attacked by a mysterious half-robot figure and his mechanic minions which resemble mini sentinels. It is the X-Men’s mission to see who is behind all of this.


Storm- Now what man in their right mind can say "No" to that?

The reunion of the X-Men goes smoothly until it comes down to Cyclops. Stuck on Jean’s death, Storm and Wolverine head out for his retrieval. Upon his finding, he is sad excuse for leader, yet alone a X-Men. Crying over Jean’s death, it takes a few seductive words from Storm and a unnecessary but cool optic beam to Wolverine to get him onboard.

This episode is a nice opening into the series.  The anime looks and sounds nice. MEDIABEAST can only hope that things for this anime will get better and not disappoint us. X-Men is a classic and a crime to ruin.

Verdict: Good

This is what happens when you fall in love with a Omega Level Psychic Mutant. You get burnned son!!


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