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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 06

X-Men have researched what they needed in New York. Now it’s time to head back to Japan to investigate.

X-Men- Arrival in Japan

The David Haller Syndrome must be dealt with. The X-Men head by to Japan to vaccinate the mutants in that area. Although the matter at hand is very serious, the episode starts off slow. Don’t expect any action too soon in this episode but everything is well. “X-Men” do a great job at bringing up suspicions and questions that has something to do with the increase of mutant activity in Japan.

It’s always the smart guy who has to do the boring stuff. The team leaves it to Beast to take care of Japan and their DHS candidates. This scene starts out boring but gets a bit interesting. A weird looking mutants arrive. It surprises us and Beast. Seeing as how secondary mutations, although little, seem to be a main conflict. This prepares you for more monstrous mutations that should be seen later on in the series.

If it isn’t normal, a mutant did it. Japan is looking a mess. Near the area which Cerebro can’t find mutants, a number of unnatural events have occurred. Nobody knows what is causing this so what else is there to do but blame mutants. A lot of things are being tied together to this part of Japan.

X-Men- Ready to battle!

The action had to come up some time. During investigation, the X-Men are interrupted by a member of the U-Men. It’s a battle for sure; probably the moment you have been waiting for. The fight answers a few questions and bring up more. This fight gives a little taste of half of what the X-Men are up against and hints on what they have yet to see.

Sometimes the truth isn’t what you expect it to be. The X-Men find out that they have a little bit more in common with the U-Men than they wished. This analysis reveals that there is indeed a third party to worry about, and it is a familiar one indeed.

Verdict: Good


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