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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 03

Emma Frost and Ichiki Hisako has awakened. The X-Men are constantly being watched. Hisako gives us a nice introduction to her interesting nd powerful mutant ability!

An image of Emma behind Jean Grey before her death.

Previously on Episode 2, the X-Men discovered the identity of the enemy behind Japan’s mutant kidnapping. It was revealed that the U-Men were kidnapping mutants in order to experiment on them and take their organs to enable themselves to fight on par with mutants. Upon finding the missing girl Ichiki Hisako, they also find Emma Frost. It is here where Scott remembers seeing Emma Frost behind Jean at the time of her death. Enraged, he doesn’t know what to do; neither does the hot tempered Wolverine.

Despite the team’s primary reason of being in the U-Men facility, they force Frost to explain herself in her relations to the death of Jean Grey. With a thorough defense, the X-Men are forced to believe she had nothing to do with Jean’s death. In fact, this episode reveals that Emma Frost had taken a job helping young mutants control their powers. It is key to pay attention to the anger Cyclops shows when Emma puts the blame of these incidents on the Xavier Institute for being shut down in mutants times of need. It s bad enough Cyclops takes blame for enough stuff already.

Hisako and Emma

If U-Men were just kidnapping young mutants in Japan, how did they capture Emma? Here we see the usefulness and uselessness of Emma. Upon hearing of Ichiki’s disappearance, Emma rushes to Japan to find her. It’s nice to know there’s a hero out there when the X-Men are too busy crying over spilled milk (Cyclops). Unfortunately though, she’s a telepath who reads minds. When she got ambushed by a couple of ROBOTS she was pretty much useless and captured. She believed being captured was the only way to find her but we all know….even if she wanted to do something about it, she is pretty much screwed.

While the X-Men talk to Emma, the U-Men are steadily watching them by camera. A man, referred to only as Doctor, does not like to just watch. As everybody prefers to analyze the X-Men, it is clear that he just prefers action. No worries though, the U-Men are about to launch their attack.


Ichiki Hisako, the girl that the X-Men came to Japan for, wakes up. Confused, she clings to Emma. You have to admit, upon first sight, the X-Men are some scary looking people. I’d go to Emma too. Before much can be explained, the team is ambushed by the U-Men’s sentinels. It doesn’t take much for the X-Men to dispose of them. Even though Storm is still exhausted from the previous fight, everybody else battles flawlessly. X-Men action has never been so beautiful. It is actually nice to see Beast in action.

It’s the Doctor’s time to shine! With the defeat of the sentinels, his giant robotic ass pops out of nowhere. His main goal is too capture the X-Men for their…..organs? Weird, much. Of course, Wolverine is always the first to attack. The Doctor, having analyzed the X-Men, quickly exploits their weaknesses and uses it against them. He’s oddly equipped with a huge magnet to stop Wolverine and disables Cyclops arms so he cannot touch his visors. Nothing a little teamwork can’t fix. With a little help from Beast, Cyclops is able to blast off a part of the Doctor’s robotic body.

Hisako's Psychic Armor

Hisako's Psychic Armor

Finally, we get to see Hisako’s power. Upon her danger, she utilizes it’s ability. Her mutant ability is the power to use her mental energy to create a psychic fiery battle armor. It seems to have unbelievable power. It strengthens with her mind. Not long after unleashing her power and defeating Doctor, she goes on an uncontrollable rampage, destroying everybody in her path. Unfortunately, instead of fighting, she is calmed down by sentimental talk from Cyclops and Emma.

The episode ends with the X-Men freeing the rest of the captured mutants and another surprise attack from the remains of Doctor.

Verdict: Good


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