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Episode Reviews: X-Men Episode 05

Drama makes every anime just a little bit better. Especially when the good guy has gone bad. Hisako trains her powers and Cyclops has a thing ot two to say about that.

I think we all know what that is!!!!!

It is finally time to train Hisako. The X-Men see her great potential and chooses to train her. Is this a mistake. How can the mind of a juvenile girl handle the extreme conditions of the X-Men. The episode starts with Hisako in her first piece of action since leaving Japan. In that case, this episode starts off interesting, but the fun is only short-lived. Hisako, is figuring some things out and not in the good way. She is slightly becoming an annoying character.

Within the team, there is so much drama and not a lot of trust. Scott still blames Emma for Jean’s death and wishes nothing to do with her. With him being so emotional, it is easy for the rest of the team to see. It is rather annoying seeing the leader of a team fall apart because no matter what, it always affects the rest of the team.

Emma and Scott- Cool ass picture!!

The greatest tension is more like a hate triangle. Hisako hates Scott, Scott hates Emma, and Emma just doesn’t give a damn. It’s kind of understand from Scott’s point of view. Being the leader of a team, it is key to be careful who you trust. Emma is just a bad ass. She doesn’t need to worry about Scott unless he get’s in her way. Hisako is just hugging Emma’s nuts. It’s the only person she trusts but she needs to clam down. To see her question a superior X-Men member is so disrespectful.

It is time for Xavier to make his decision. What to do with Emma and Hisako? Well, what else can he do? Xavier helps whatever mutant he sees in need, but not if good ol’ Scott has to say anything about it. He causes a bit of tension that leads to irrational but beneficial actions. He decides to show Hisako what the X-Men face every battle in his own personal way. It is the most interesting part of this episode because you just want to see how it ends. Although Cyclops is being emotional, he still goes hard.

What is this! Get her Scott!!

A new threat has been reborn in “X-Men.” Inner Circle, a rival mutant program which Emma used to be a part of, is suspected to still be alive and ready to strike any day. It is filled with powerful mutants and Xavier refuses to let his guard down for them.

With all the mutant family drama, Emma decides to be the bigger mutant to make Scott happy. Xavier agrees to go through her mind and share with the team. The items revealed eliminates so much suspicion that is better off gone. It eliminates one problem, but creates another.

The episode end with the decision to go back to Japan. The last trip was action-packed. Can’t wait for this one.


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