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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 02

Hold the phone!! It is only episode 2 and this anime is looking hhhhhhhhot! This is an unexpected turn of events. And what’s this!? New enemies, new evil methods, and please tell me that is not EMMA FROST!!!

A quick peek at the new enemy. What the heck is he?

Only at episode 2 and “X-Men” is looking nice. MEDIABEAST hopes that this momentous feeling is not short-lived. The X-Men have made it to Japan and it does not take long for the new enemy to find out. Without asking questions, the enemy organization is ready to attack. This shows that they mean business. “X-Men” has yet gone into to real detail of exactly who these mysterious people are but they do give us a little information of what is going down in Japan. This seems to fit X-Men and anime perfectly.

Tears of the Hisako Family

As the organization sends their forces to dispose of the X-Men, our favorite mutant team is investigating the disappearance of Hisako. While talking to her parents, the X-Men find out that it is not just that one little girl who has gone missing. It turns out that many other mutant children from mutant families have mysteriously disappeared. This discovery angers Scott. With the death of Jean, his hatred toward ill-mutant events has grown into a wildfire. The anger can be seen through his eyes. (See what I did there?) The Hisako family receives a phone call reporting another missing child and giving the X-Men their next move.

The X-Men gain a new lead on another missing mutant boy from a Fujiwara family. The team splits up and Wolverine and Cyclops follow the lead.  Upon investigating, they come across the missing boy’s employer who tells Cyclops and Wolverine that he was last seen two weeks ago. The amusing part is after the employer gives the information of where the Fujiwara boy was last seen. Not knowing that Cyclops and Wolverine were mutants, he ignorantly makes offensive remarks…..Let’s remind you that Wolverine short-tempered self is standing right in his face. Guess Japan needs to ask somebody.

Check out the U-Men Sentinels!!!

As the X-Men follow this yet again new lead, they venture into the cold, snowy mountains. As Wolverine and Cyclops make contact with Storm and Beast, they find out that the phone call at the Hisako residence was in fact fake. Somebody has lured them out and Wolverine liked the sound of that. Before they even have the chance of turning around, they are attack by robots and we get to see out new enemy in action for the first time. Plus, we find out a few things about our heroes.

Luckily, Wolverine recognizes the use of robots and connects it to his intel to reveal the identity of our new enemies. Welcome to the world of the U-Men, a secret organization of scientists who uses mutants to research their genetics, conduct twisted experiments, and discover a way to fight on equal and possibly even greater levels than the mutants themsleves. This does not look like a mutant vs mutant confrontation. Some new material has been brought to the table.

Upon destroying the U-Men’s robots in the snowy plains of Japan, we notice something about Storm. She seems weaker in this series than she is in others. Although sexier, the use of her powers seem to drain her stamina quite quickly. This factor really balances out Storm from being overpowered when compared to the rest of her team. Cyclops, mind is still clouded. With the death of Jean and the attack on mutants he fights with anger. He does not fight like a leader and becomes a hindrance to himself and the rest of the team.

When you look this hot and blow ish up, how can you not get tired?

These factors carry on to the next bout. Stumbling upon a experiment base of the U-Men, the X-Men come across the Fujiwara boy and he looks horrible. You can see signs of cruel experimentation on him. It is horrific to describe. Upon confrontation with the X-Men, he evolves into a giant uncontrollable creature, attacking the X-Men. Wolverine and Beast do a great job in their physical combat. Storm attacks with all her might, but unfortunately uses to much of her power and falls. Cyclops……..Cyclops needs help. He is afraid to attack a fellow mutant. He is showing sympathy toward something he can’t control. Luckily, it’s nothing a punch from Wolverine can’t fix. The drama within the team is sure to grow if Cyclops does not fix himself.

The part that had us on our toes was the site of the beloved Emma Frost. The team finds Hisako and Emma, sleeping, in these weird chambers. What awaits us upon their awakening? That I cannot wait to see.

Verdict: Excellent

Emma Frost


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