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First Impressions: X-Men

After the first few episodes of “X-men”, the real question is, “Should you bother watching the rest of the episodes? Is this anime worth your time?” Well guess what. MEDIABEAST has your answer.

Episodes 1-5 review

Genre: Action

Story: Excellent

The face of the new enemy.

The story for this anime is well thought out. This should be a treat for all X-Men fans. There are some things such as powers or questions about mutants that go unanswered. “X-Men” does a good job of explaining some of the phases that mutants go through during their mutant awakening. What is real nice, is bringing in the flaw of the mutant gene that the body can do to itself. It’s something that is not usually thought of and when Marvel found a way to fit it it, it was pretty cool.

The main conflict of the plot deserves a big applaud. It is nice to see a new kind of enemy with different ideals of how to make the world better. That is what is great about “X-Men”. Every affiliations want peace, power, or both in different ways. The X-Men never have it easy either. Although it’s fictional, their problems makes sense. Just when they think all is well, something new pops up and adds on to the problems they already had.

Characters: Good


All the familiar characters that “X-Men” brought back into this anime are just the way you like them. Each member of the X-Men gave us that same feeling they gave us in other series that were awesome. If they changed anything, they made Wolverine more fierce (if that is even possible) The rivalries and love quarrels that existed in other series, are still here and a lot better. Although Marvel didn’t give us a lot of characters to work with, they devoted a lot of time in the characters they gave us the pleasure of seeing. Quality over quantity.

The new characters deserve an applaud as well. The U-Men, the new enemy organization are fricken amazing. They are twisted just how villians should be. Their cause is understandable and they have a nice way of dealing with their issues. Seeing as their arsenal is a tad bit different and looks to be a bit more powerful than mutants, we can’t wait to see what powerful monster they have waiting for us.

The main new character, Hisako, is quite annoying, as of yet. We understand she is a little girl but she needs to learn her place and fend for herself. Her mutant ability is cool. Totally powerful, but doesn’t seem right for “X-Men”. Maybe some other fast paced anime. But this is how you combine two different things like anime and X-Men together.

Tell me that isn't a nice optic beam?

Action: Good

Why can’t they just give us more?! The action is epicly awesome. Everybody’s powers are astonishing when you see them in action. Marvel did not half-ass in this section. The detail they put in fights is noticeable. Almost every fight is worthy of re-watching to your brains desire. If you missed a part of a fight…..start it over. You won’t regret a thing.

The only problem is the amount of action. They could give us a bit more action, but when they don’t, they are giving us a good story. For now, eff that unnecessary filler s***. Even when there is no action, it is still interesting.

Animation: Excellent

Awwwz yeah. Storm.

All I want to say is, beautiful. We never seen any animated X-Men series as beautiful looking at this. The women…Storm, Emma, Storm, Jean…forgot to mention Storm, are extremely beautiful. The power visuals are eye dropping. This is that high quality animation s*** son!

Music: Excellent

Once again, epic. The music, from the first episode is great and seems to continue on in the series. The opening and ending sounds like some Hans Zimmer type music. It does not get more epic than that.

Verdict: Good


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