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GPR-“Blue Blurs 20th Anniversary and Industry Changing Events” Part 1

This episode of GPR is so big we had to split it into two parts.

Join Chris Blackhorn as he celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary. Joining him the episode is the usual crew of James, Josh, and Rod. In this part of the episode find out what we have been playing and also listen to us talk about the best and worst Sonic games of all time.

[We are going to try to release GPR every Friday night around this time, but since we are trying a new format, we went over our time limit and had to made two parts for this episode. Part Two will be released Sunday Morning.]


Show Notes:



• Go around the room Introduce Guests[00:54]

Whatcha been playing?

• Rod-[02:28]

• Josh-[05:14}

• James-[11:35]

• Chris-[23:22]

Topic : Sonic 20th Anniversary –[25:57]

• Chris’s Top ten List: Best and Worst Sonic games-[27:35]

• First Sonic Game ever played[01:01:36]

• Favorite Sonic Game[01:05:03]

• Sonic Generation Demo Impressions[01:15:23]





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