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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 09

Looks as though Rin is never safe. Professor Neahaus, the one who attacked the Esquire students previously, comes back with bigger hits. We get a look at a real tamer in action. (more…)


Green Lantern Preview

Can Green Lantern fair well against the two hits that Marvel put out this summer? (more…)


Marvels Next Big Thing?

Well apparently Marvel doesn't want DC to take all of the press, today on Avenging Spiderman was announced. (more…)


Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 09

As twisted as ever, MEDIABEAST gets a look at a few new Deadman powers, a new Undertaker, and a weird turn of events. (more…)

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Episode Review: Control: Money of Soul and Possibility 09

Bankrupt takes away your future. What happens when a whole country goes bankrupt? What happens to the stores, the money, the people. See how Mikuni saves Japan from its demise and how Kimimaro plans to get everybody's future back. (more…)

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First Impressions: X-Men

After the first few episodes of "X-men", the real question is, "Should you bother watching the rest of the episodes? Is this anime worth your time?" Well guess what. MEDIABEAST has your answer. (more…)

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Episode Reviews: X-Men Episode 05

Drama makes every anime just a little bit better. Especially when the good guy has gone bad. Hisako trains her powers and Cyclops has a thing ot two to say about that. (more…)

Movie Reviews

Should I Watch That — Ep. 7

The SIWT guys are back with a vengeance this week (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: X-Men Episode 04

David Haller Syndrome, a case unique to mutants going through a secondary mutation. The X-Men head back to New York to do some of their own research, but not for long. This episode may not be full on good action but it still keeps you interested. (more…)

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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 03

Emma Frost and Ichiki Hisako has awakened. The X-Men are constantly being watched. Hisako gives us a nice introduction to her interesting nd powerful mutant ability! (more…)

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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 02

Hold the phone!! It is only episode 2 and this anime is looking hhhhhhhhot! This is an unexpected turn of events. And what's this!? New enemies, new evil methods, and please tell me that is not EMMA FROST!!! (more…)

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Episode Review: X-Men Episode 01

MEDIABEAST takes it first look at Marvel's X-Men, anime style. Although it does not amaze us like our traditional animes, it still impresses us. It has a nice new feel to it. (more…)


Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 08

This week "Deadman Wonderland" takes a break from it's sick and twisted side. Read on to see the newly introduced enemies and plans being revealed in Episode 8 of "Deadman Wonderland". (more…)


GPR E3 Preview

Welcome to E3, this is the superbowl of gaming news and here is the GPR preview! (more…)


Episode Review: Blue Exorcist Episode 08

"Blue Exorcist" has done better. This time, they give their fans drama between classmates and not enough legit action. This episode gets reviewed as MEDIABEAST believes that it could have been a lot better. (more…)


Episode Review: Broken Blade Episode 05

Even though it takes about a month to get the next episode of "Broken Blade", episode 5 was worth almost every minute. MEDIABEAST takes another dosing of the epic battles and death in the episode 5 of "Broken Blade" (more…)


Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland Episode 07

Another taste of betrayal and lost hope clashes with the heroic power of determination and anger. MEDIABEAST reviews episode seven of "Deadman Wonderland" as they introduce a number of plot twists and more twisted characters. Just when Ganta thinks it can't get any worse, we see what this anime hides from him. (more…)


Episode Review: Blue Exorcist Episode 07

Everybody loves variety and "Blue Exorcist" introduces the five kinds of exorcist fighting styles. Come and read what we know about the cool and interesting styles. (more…)


Should I Watch That — Ep. 6

We recorded SIWT last week but the MediaBeast crew has been so busy lately, we couldn't edit last week's SIWT on time for our Monday deadline! Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we spent time with loved ones, so no new recording this week BUT we love you all so much that we had to give you something. So, we went ahead and finished last week's episode for you all to enjoy. We'll be back up-to-date next week with a brand new episode! (more…)