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Should I Watch That — Ep. 6

We recorded SIWT last week but the MediaBeast crew has been so busy lately, we couldn’t edit last week’s SIWT on time for our Monday deadline! Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we spent time with loved ones, so no new recording this week BUT we love you all so much that we had to give you something. So, we went ahead and finished last week’s episode for you all to enjoy. We’ll be back up-to-date next week with a brand new episode!
On this episode, Chronos once again joins the SIWT boys and they delve into a mini-review of Pirates 4, discuss the trailer for one of the biggest movies of the year, banter about the possibilities of Nolan’s third Batman flick, discover who got kicked out of where and why, and present an exciting new segment on the show!


Chronos from GPR joins us!

Whatcha Been Watchin’
(3:26) Clif – Mad Men, Fear
(8:50) Chronos – Pirates 4, NBA Playoffs
(24:55) Rod – House

Trailer Talk
(26:36) Batman Live
(32:11) Alcatraz
(40:13) Crazy Stupid Love
(48:03) The Adventures of Tintin

(57:53) Weekend Box Office
(1:02:07) Miramax signs deal with Netflix
(1:04:54) First official ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ picture released
(1:14:33) Cannes Film Festival bans Lars Von Trier
(1:21:47) Seth MacFarlane to reboot ‘The Flintstones’ for TV and Film
(1:24:30) Transformers 3 moved up to June 29th

Open Room
(1:27:10) Question 1: If you could direct a recently made movie, what would it be?
(1:34:53) Question 2: Can a comedy really be considered “one of the best on TV”?



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