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Should I Watch That Episode 9

Sorry for the brief hiatus folks, we’re back.

Clif here, Sadly on this episode Roddy will not be making a appearance due to sickness we wish him the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery (I make it sound like he’s dying XD). On today’s show we will be reviewing Green Lantern and with me are James, Josh, and Chris.

SIWT EP-9 [6/19/2011]

o Intro was by James Newton Howard Entitled: “Drone Dogfight”, it’s from the official Green Lantern Soundtrack

•Whatcha Been Watching
o Josh(0:58) Glee Season 2, Justified
o James(4:28) Anime (Specifically Bleach)
o Clif(7:13) True Blood Season 4, Why I and many others stopped watching “The Killing”
o Chris(11:46) Epic Meal Time, The Wire, Batman&Superman Apocalypse, then mild discussion of MTV’S “Teen Wolf”.

• Trailer Talk
o The Muppets(19:50) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaeXrigYkGY
o 30 Minutes or Less(25:20) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu16L7IfKT4

• Movie News
o Weekend Box Office News(33:50)
o First Image From Tarsem Singh’s “Snow White”(38:06)
o Scary Movie 5(40:30)
o Legendary Pictures has rights on a Hot Wheels film(44:40)


o Green Lantern Review(58:14)
• Spoiler Section(1:22:37)



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